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Smart Lighting Solutions for Home Automation lets you wirelessly control your home lights through smartphone or tablet devices and offers optimum and better energy usage and conservation. Celebrate every occasion of life with multi-colored mood-lighting and set the perfect ambience.

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  • LIFX White 800 A19

    LIFX White 800 A19

    • Built in Wi-Fi
    • Easy set up
    • Adjustable and dimmable
    • Bright and efficient
    • Intuitive control
    • Integration with third-party devices/apps
  • OSRAM LIGHTIFY Starter Kit

    • Starter kit includes 1x Lightify Gateway and 1x RGB E27 10W LED light bulb.
    • Lightify is smart lighting controlled via the free App over WiFi.
    • The gateway can control up to 30 lamps.
    • Create and save personalised lighting scenes for your home and garden.
    • Cable free and easy to install.
  • LIFX Color 1000 A19

    • 3rd Generation
    • LIFX Color 1000 A19, Warm to cool whites
    • Works with Alexa for voice control
    • Easy to set up, Built-in Wi-Fi no hub
    • Adjustable up to 16 million colors and 1000 shades of whites
    • Bright equivalent to 75W bulb
    • App and cloud controls
    • Works with Nest and SmartThings
  • Zipato Mini Energy Dimmer

    Zipato Mini Energy Dimmer (Z-Wave IN 865.2 MHz)

  • Philips Hue White and Color Ambience Kit A19, 2nd Generation

    • Play with light and choose from 16 million colours
    • Compatible with Apple HomeKit technology
    • Sync your Philips Hue lights with movies and music
    • Control your lights from anywhere
    • Set light schedules for easy home automation
    • Connect up to 50 Philips Hue lights
  • Zipato Micromodule Energy Meter

    Zipato Micromodule Energy Meter (Z-Wave IN 865.2 MHz)

    A device which calculates the power consumption of all the connected applicatons

    • Slim, compact remote Z-Wave module measures power parameters of connected device
    • Dual power meter function
    • Amper meter clamp
    • Instant power wattage and Accumulated power consumption KWh report
    • Maximum current measure 60A
    • New Z-Wave 500 series
    • Very low power consumption
    • Over-the-air firmware update
    • Easy installation
  • Philips Hue White Ambiance Personal Wireless Lighting Starter Kit, 2nd Generation

    • Warm white to cool bright daylight
    • Control via Philips Hue wireless dimmer switch
    • Compatible with Apple HomeKit technology
    • Connect up to 50 Philips Hue lights
    • Away Home Control Control with iOS and other smart devices
    • Personalised use with scheduling
  • Zipato RGBW LED Smart Light Bulb (Z-Wave IN 865.2 MHz)

    Zipato RGBW LED Smart Light Bulb (Z-Wave IN 865.2 MHz)

    Change the colour of your ambience

    • Choose from thousands of colours
    • Five primary color channels- Red,Blue,Green,Warm White and Cool White
    • Low-power consumption
    • As bright as a 60W incandescent bulb
    • Fits into B-22 socket
    • Z-Wave Plus Technology
  • Wireless Electronic Ballast FLS-PP IP for RGBW and RGB Lights

    • Suitable for 12/24V RGB and RGBW luminaires with a max. output current of 6A (max. 72W@12V and 144W@24V)
    • Supports all features like on/off, dimming, color tone adjustment, adjustable white, grouping lights, saving and using predefined scenes
    • Controlling via smartphone, tablet or PC by a web application (requires RaspBee Gateway from dresden elektronik)
    • ZigBee Light Link certified product
    • The FLS-PP lp is compatible with ZigBee gateways like OSRAM Lightify and SmartThings
    • Power PWM Interface
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