Don't Think. Just Ask.

Introducing Amazon Echo, the world’s first voice-assistant that can hear you from anywhere. Want to turn your air-conditioner? Need help planning your grocery list? Want to call an Uber? No need to grab that smartphone. Just ask Alexa.

Interactive Smart Home Control

Control Your Smart Home devices through Voice Commands

Control most of your Smart Home appliances either individually or in pre-set themes just over your voice commands. Speak the trigger word and get things done.

Stream Music Directly from your Smartphone

Just pair your smartphone to the Amazon Echo over the Bluetooth and play music on-the-go over the Echo. Control your playlist, change tracks, set volume just with voice commands.

Ask almost anything and everything

Your Amazon Echo is your on-the-go encyclopedia. Know about the latest news, set reminders for your daily activities, never miss on schedules, get valuable sugesstions and much more.

Always your Companion at any time of the day

With the interactive voice control you can talk to Amazon Echo just like another member of your home. Spend your recreational time by listening to your favourite music stations or playing your favourite music from your smartphone.

Ask any random questions recipes, current news, upcoming events and much more.

Far-Field Voice Recognition

The Amazon Echo comes with built-in seven microphones under the top ring that come with beam-forming and enhanced noise cancellation technologies.

The far-field voice recognition technology helps Echo to listen to your commands even when the music is playing.

While using the Amazon Echo, simply use the wake word “Alexa” (or any other you have set) and the Echo will stream your voice audio to its cloud network to respond to your commands instantly.

Control Your Smart Home

Take your Home Automation experience to a whole new level with the Echo. Amazon Echo adds the interactive and responsive feature to your hoe automation wherein you can actually to the devices in the home and get things done.

Once you have paired your Echo with other third party devices like SmartThings, LIFX or Philips Hue, just ask “Alexa” to operate your lights, fans, switches etc.

Get started with Home Automation by Amazon Echo by following some of our tutorials.

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