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Exclusively for inventors, hobbyists and tech-enthusiasts who want to build the next big thing in automation.

Have an amazing idea? Let’s build its first version.

In the world of IoT (Internet-of-Things), every smart device needs to act like an individual LEGO block that communicates with other connected devices. We help you establish that missing link by creating automation workflows, recipes and web-hooks that enable direct communication with third-party devices, even if they run on a different protocol or technology stack. 

Here’s a short glimpse of the hardware stack that we support: 

  • Connectivity: Wi-FI, Bluetooth, GPS, GSM, RF, IR and Zigbee
  • Sensors: PIR, Contact, CO2, Smoke, Ultrasonic, etc.
  • Scanning: RFID, NFC, etc.
  • Storage: MMC, USB, and serial output
  • Development Boards: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP8266, NodeMCU, etc.
  • Display: HDMI, TFT, OLED, LCD, 7-segment, etc.

Note: If you have a custom hardware requirement that isn’t enlisted above, please get in touch with us, and we’ll be happy to assist you. 

Once the hardware is conceptualized, we’ll help you program the concept device as per your requirements. Here’s the software stack that we currently support: 

  • C/C++
  • Python
  • NodeRed
  • LUA programming
  • iOS/Android/IFTTT integration

If you’re looking to build a network of smart devices, we can help you optimize the communication anomalies. Here are the network topologies that we support:

  • Bus (Direct communication)
  • Star (Central Controller)
  • Mesh (Inter-node communication)

Want to build a device that can seamlessly connect with legacy systems, peripherals or Internet applications? Awesome! We can help you interface your device with:

  • Cloud infrastructure
  • External storage
  • Legacy systems
  • Electrical relays/actuators
  • Home automation systems
  • Security systems
  • IP cameras

Rapid prototyping

Build the first version of your product (MVP) at minimal  investment.


NDA agreement

Upon approval, we’ll sign a NDA agreement with you, so that your idea stays yours.

Scalable Infrastructure

Our channel partners would help you prototype, scale and build the final version of your product. 

Technical Support

From project concept to execution, we’ll be handling all your technical queries and doubts.

Define a strong use-case.


Why do you want to build the product? How big is the market size? Have you researched the market well enough? Would your customers use the product? Our team of experts would help you answer all such difficult questions and prepare a strong product thesis for your use-case.

Manufacture at scale.

How will you take your product to the next level? How will you stay competitive in the market and deliver the volumes that you need? Once you have a product-market fit, we help you design a finished version of product, and connect you with companies that can reduce costs and improve your inventory.

Get access to a wide network of partners.


How do you expand the reach of your product range? How do you compete against the top companies in the automation segment? We’re there to help. Upon enrollment, we offer you exclusive access to a wide network of existing partners, who can help you push your product in multiple markets, and increase adoption. 

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