Google Home


  • TV streaming and Speaker streaming and control
  • Supported on Android and iOS
  • Thermostat control
  • Multi-room audio
  • Touch surface
  • Play or pause
  • Mic mute
  • Bluetooth
  • Light control
  • Start request
  • Change volume
  • Power status light
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Requires Wi-Fi network or Wi-Fi enabled supported devices
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Google Home






Google Home is a smart home WiFi speaker by Google that can be commanded by voice to play music, audiobooks, news, podcast, and radio. It not only helps you to make your home smarter but also provides you a safe smart home where your privacy is not affected.

With the Google Home, you can create a shopping list, set reminders, timers, alarms, check the weather and calendar, get travel information, local guides, traffic and make it remember things.






Voice Match

The voice match feature provided by the Google Assistant allows you to personalize the information you receive. You can get your own schedules, briefings, or playlist with the voice match feature. It works for up to 6 users with settings.


Light Control

You can control all your smart lights and devices with Google Home. You can turn on or off, dim the lights and check whether the lights are on in a room.





Google Home does not only provide you with multiple information and help you out with daily activities but also adds to your fun and leisure experiences.

You can play games with this smart device, discover hidden surprises with the Easter Egg feature and have fun with random questions with the delight feature.



Play or Pause: You can stop your alarms, reminders and timers and audio by simply tapping the device.

Change Volume: To change the volume simply swipe on the surface in a circle clockwise to increase the volume and counter-clockwise to decrease the volume.

Start Request: To start the device manually, long press the surface to trigger Google Assistant.

Mute the Mic: To mute the mic, press the Mute Audio button behind the Google Home. This enhances your privacy and does not allow the device to listen to your voice or conversations.

Audio: It is available to you with dual microphones and Far-field Voice Recognition for a better hands-free experience.


Google Home

My Day

You can get daily weather information, news, traffic details or reminders for your day. Life is all smooth and easy with Google Home.

Smart Living

With Google Home, you convert your ordinary home into a smart home because of its artificial intelligence.

Shopping List: You can create a shopping list and add items that you have to buy and check for items you have already bought.

Reminders: You can set multiple reminders and the Assistant will give you reminders at the right time. You can also prepare important to-dos for the day and get yourself reminded on your phone.

Timers: You can set, pause, check, resume or cancel timers with Google Home.

Alarms: You can set, delete, snooze or create recurring alarms with this smart device.

Remember Things: You can ask your Google Home to remember multiple things. If you keep forgetting your credit card, a friend’s birthday, or an important event, you can always ask your Google assistant to remember it for you.

Travel Information: To improve your tours, this smart device can help. You can track flight prices and availability, check flight status, places to visit in an area. It also acts as a local guide for you. It helps you locate different places and provides additional information about the place.

Weather: Get weather updates with your Google Home any time you wish.

Calendar: Check for upcoming important events, set schedules and get them through your Assistant.

Traffic: Get timely traffic information and find out whether you can travel by bike, cars or simply walk up to an area.


Google home - Plan your day


Google Home - Reminders


Nest Learning Thermostat

Thermostat Control

You can control the temperature of your house with a compatible thermostat linked to your Google Home. You would require subscriptions or additional charges may apply.

Smart Switch and Plug Control

With Google Home, you can turn on or off your smart lights with the smart switches or plugs.


Google Home - Dim Lights


Google Home - Compatibility

Operating System

The device supports Android 5.0 and higher and iOS 9.1 and higher. This device requires a Wi-Fi network and a Wi-Fi enabled supported device.

1-year Manufacturer Warranty

Google Home is available to you with a 1-year standard manufacturer warranty.






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Additional information



  • Dimensions & weight:
  • Diameter:9.64 cm (3.79 in)
  • Height: 14.28 cm (5.62 in)
  • Power cable: 1.8 m (5.9 ft)
  • weight:477 g
  • Body:White
  • Base:Slate fabric
  • Audio: High-excursion speaker with 2" driver and dual 2" passive radiators
  • Microphones: 2-mic array
  • Power:Required 16.5 V, 2 A includedSupported operating systems
  • Supported operating systems:Android 5.0 and higher,iOS 9.1 and higher