Amazon Echo Spot

  • Compact size.
  • Fits anywhere in your home.
  • Peculiar viewing angle.
  • Perfect for use on a bedside table or a desk.
  • Totally hands-free.
  • Works on voice control using Alexa.
  • Completely customizable with your choice of background photos or clock faces.


Amazon Echo Spot


Sophisticated and Customizable

Echo Spot is a modern sophisticated Echo device that can make your life easier. You just have to ask to check the weather, watch news bulletins, set an alarm, play your favorite music, enjoy videos, view your calendar, and more. Customize your Spot which comes with a built-in collection of clock faces to choose from. Or if you prefer a photo background from Facebook Photos, that is also possible. Echo sets up video calls to anybody with an Echo Spot or the Alexa App.

Sound Sensitive

Echo Spot is sound-sensitive and picks up sounds even in noisy surroundings. Built-in four microphones utilize beam-formation technology and provide enhanced noise cancellation. You just need to say “Alexa” to activate your Echo Spot.

In the case of multiple Echo Spot devices in a room, Alexa uses ESP (Echo Spatial Perception) feature to respond to the device that is nearest to you.

Echo Spot has a compact design and peculiar viewing angle. Ideal to be used on a bedside table to do a variety of tasks. Your Echo Spot can play your favorite song when you wake up. It can control your home stereo system and connect to other speakers as well.

Makes Your Life Easier

The basic idea behind Echo Spot is to control or manage a variety of tasks from your bedside, without even lifting a finger or raising your voice. It can relay a live camera feed from your baby’s room or control the lighting in the entire house.

The “routines” feature controls all your compatible devices like smart cameras, lights, plugs, etc. to switch on and off at scheduled timings.

‘Drop in’ feature on your Echo Spot connects to other Echo Spots or the Alexa App on supported smartphones to connect you to friends and family via voice/video calls.

Play Your Music

Play your favorite music by your favorite artist, song, genre or mood from services like Amazon Prime Music, Saavn and TuneIn on your Echo Spot. Multi-room music feature helps to play the same music throughout your entire home. Group multiple Echo devices together and play the same music in the group. Watch the latest news, cricket, etc.

Home Organizer

Use Echo Spot as your home organizer, switch on a timer in the kitchen, or check out and manage your family’s calendar. Use your Alexa App to carry your to-do / shopping lists with you. Anyone can add an item to the list from home and it will be displayed on the person’s Alexa App who is out shopping.

Alexa has numerous skills and keeps adding more frequently. With “Skills”, book an Ola ride, play nursery rhymes or watch a movie.


Amazon Echo Spot is sold to you with a limited warranty of 1 Year.

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