Zone Type Explanations for D3D security system

Now that we have learnt the basic process of how to configure various sensor like the door/windows sensor, the PIR motion sensor and the smoke sensor, it is very important to know as to which zones should the sensors be placed for the intended and correct functioning at the right time.

Each of the D3D sensors can be placed in the 10 selectable zones as explained below:

1. Entrance

  • Explanation: In this zone, when you ARM the system, a 30 second delay is provided giving the user the sufficient time to leave the home before the mode is triggered. Similarly, a 20 seconds delay is provided for the alarm to trigger when you enter home so that you get enough time to disarm the system.
  • Used for: Lobby and Main Gate
  • Preferred Sensors: PIR sensor, door/windows sensor

2. Outer

  • Explanation: This Zone Type is used specifically for triggering Alarm in both Stay Home Arm and Away Arm mode.
  • Used for: Intrusion protection outside of home
  • Preferred Sensors: Door/Window sensor, PIR motion sensor, Glass breakage sensor, Vibration sensor.

3. Inner

  • Explanation: Sensors configured in the Inner Zone will trigger alarm only in the Away Arm mode. It will not trigger any alarm in the Stay Home Arm mode.
  • Used for: Intrusion protection within the house
  • Preferred Sensors: Door/Window sensors and PIR motion sensors

4. Onsite

  • Explanation: Sensors triggered in the Onsite Zone will only raise alarm sound in the Stay Home Arm mode. Whereas in the Away Arm mode the sensor configured in the Onsite Zone will raise alarm, send an alert SMS and even call the registered numbers.
  • Used for: Windows or rear gates.
  • Preferred Sensors: windows Contact and Curtain PIR sensor.

5. 24Hr Sound

  • Explanation: Sensors configured in this zone will trigger alarm in any condition once they are triggered, irrespective whether the system is in Stay Arm mode, Away Arm mode or any other. In this mode the system raises the Alarm, sends alert SMS and even dials to the registered numbers.
  • Used for: Smoke sensor, Gas leakage sensor, Water leakage sensor, CO leakage etc.
  • Preferred Sensors: Smoke, Heat, Water, Gas, CO detector.

6. 24Hr Silent

  • Explanation: In this case, the system sends SMS and dial only in case of sensor being triggered. There is no audible alarm.
  • Used for: emergency Help and SOS
  • Preferred Sensors: Panic Buttons and Fall Detectors

7. Armed

  • Explanation: The sensors that trigger in this Zone Type will shift the system to Away Arm mode.
  • Used for: Press to Arm the system. No need of remote controls.
  • Preferred Sensors: Wireless Buttons

8. Stay

  • Explanation: The sensors that trigger in this Zone Type will shift the system to Stay Home Arm mode.
  • Used for: Press to Stay Arm. No need of remote control.
  • Preferred Sensors: Wireless Buttons

9. Not Use

  • Explanation: Disable the sensor function
  • Used for: Disable the zone

10. Door Bell

  • Explanation: Make 6 door bell sounds.
  • Used for: Door Bell
  • Preferred Sensors: Door Bell Buttons