Cubical Motion Sensor

  • Intrusion detection via PIR sensing
  • Integratable with lights or climate control for maximized energy savings
  • Proximity detection technology
  • Anti-tampering protection
  • Receive alerts via Call, SMS or smartphone notifications
  • iOS and Android app


Cubical Motion Sensor

The Cubical Motion Sensor is a smart security system that allows you to detect and track motion in your home and get alerted immediately whenever motion is detected.

When paired up with Cubical’s smart home hub, this motion sensor can help you get call, SMS or smartphone notifications, and helps you monitor your home’s security, even if you are outside your home.

Cubical Motion Sensor comes to you with Smart Proximity Detection, which means it can react and identify motion smartly. On detecting motion, it can passively turn the lights or AC, and in case no one’s home, it can also turn everything off to save energy.

You can monitor this sensor using the Cubical smart home app, available on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Track Every Movement

This motion sensor provides you with precise details, whenever someone is trying to intrude inside or house and helps you track the motion of the intruder.

Receive instant notifications on every intrusion

You get immediately notified whenever motion is detected by the Cubical Motion sensor on your smartphone Never worry about being too late to protect your family.

Smart Motion Response

Cubical Motion Sensor comes with a smart motion response feature will turn on your lights or AC for you as soon you enter your room.

Its intelligent proximity sensors and motion sensor modules work together to let you have a seamless smart home experience.

Smart Intrusion Detection Technology

The Cubical Motion Sensor is smart and can easily detect if someone tries to cover the sensor. You receive an instant intrusion alert on your smartphone so that you can get home on guard instantly.

Get notified for Connectivity loss or tampered motion sensor

Get instantly notified when someone is trying to destruct connectivity of the motion sensor. Also, you will be alerted if trespassers are trying to tamper your Cubical motion sensor.

This motion sensor takes good care of your security to help you become free of all the dangers and threats.

Receive alerts via Call, SMS or notifications

You can receive alerts via instant notifications or SMS. You can also choose to receive calls if there are any suspicious motions inside or outside your house.

The Integrated app does it all

All of this is possible mainly because of the Cubical app that sends you alerts of any threats. The app sends you timely intrusion or other detected motions alerts on your Android or iPhone smartphone.


Cubical Motion Sensor comes with a standard 1-year manufacturer warranty.

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