Z-Wave Fibaro Smoke Sensor Plus



A brilliantly constructed Z-Wave Smoke Sensor, designed to keep you and your family safe all the time.


  • Its minimalist design makes it the most beautiful smoke sensor ever made
  • Inbuilt temperature sensor detects smoke and alerts immediately
  • Detects fire at an early stage to prevent any major harm
  • Designed to be placed on a wall or ceiling
  • Z-Wave / Z-Wave Plus Wireless Only
  • Sensitivity calibration feature
  • Battery powered Only
  • Easy DIY Installation

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Z-Wave Fibaro Smoke Sensor Plus


Your Guard Against Smoke







The Fibaro Smoke Sensor Plus has been constructed brilliantly, keeping in mind, with not just the objective of detecting smoke but its beautiful design that fit perfectly in any interior. It has been designed to combine uncompromising safety and beautiful design.


The grill constructed on the sides helps it to quickly react, to even the smallest amount of smoke. The smoke sensor will notify you through an alarm, signaled by sound, visual indicator blinking. It will also alert you by sending Z-Wave alarm and control commands as soon it detects a threat and will keep you and your family safe all the time.


The Fibaro Smoke Sensor Plus will also work as a Z-Wave signal tester and the built-in LED will change its color based on the signal strength. It is compatible with both Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus Controllers.To install this device, you will need to remove the battery blocker after opening the cover of the device, then install the device at the desired place and screw it into the cover, then add the device to the network. Please follow instructions on this page.


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Z-Wave Fibaro Smoke Sensor Plus




Ultra-Modern And Attractive Design

The Fibaro Smoke Sensor Plus is the world’s smallest wireless sensor with dimensions of 65x28mm. It is also the most technologically advanced device of of its kind in the market. For this better made smoke sensor, only the smallest amount of smoke is needed to discover threat and trigger the alarm. It detects fire quickly and will provide protection by minimizing the damages. This product is a must-have for you, your family and your smart home.

Not A Regular Smoke Sensor

Your Fibaro Smoke Sensor Plus comes with an additional feature of temperature sensing. Apart from being just a smoke sensor, it is also designed to sense sudden changes in temperature. Sometimes it might be possible that there is not enough smoke sensed to trigger the alarm, but the temperature goes high. Any rise in temperature above 54 degree will be detected by the sensor and an threat alert will be raised.




Z-Wave Fibaro Smoke Sensor - Temperature sensor






Energy Savings



One Sensor, Many Possibilities

The Fibaro Smoke sensor is compatible with various wired or wireless alarm systems. It can either be powered directly or through the battery, that will give you the flexibility to place it at the place of your choice. The battery gives an uninterrupted working of 3 long years.

You Are Its Boss

Fibaro Smoke Sensor Plus will protect you and your family in case of fire, flood or break-in. It will let you decide what action has to be taken by the Home Center in any of these unfortunate events. If the Smoke Sensor detects a threat, it will result in opening the rollers blinds, garage gates and windows, illuminating an escape route. You can also manually perform all live actions at the touch of your smartphone or tablet.











Fibaro Smoke Sensor - Notifications




Configure With Other Devices

The Fibaro Smoke Sensor Plus can be configured to work in synchrony with other devices of the Fibaro Ecosystem. The Smoke Sensor can report to the HC2 soon to take action in case of any fire breaks-in. With just one touch configuration, you can open blinds, doors, windows, light up the escape pathway and much more.

Automatic Software Update

When a software update is available, providing new functions or improvement in the device operations; your Smoke Sensor will automatically suggest you to download it. All you will need to do in this case is to accept the download and your Smoke Sensor will stay up to date all the time, just through a tap on your smartphone or tablet.




Automatic Software Update







Z-Wave Fibaro Smoke Sensor Plus




Stress Free Cooking

With Fibaro Smoke Sensor Plus, you will not have to worry about forgetting to close the gas or take a roast out of the oven; while you prepare the favourite meal for your family. It will immediately detect an incoming threat of fire and will alert you before your food burns.


It is very easy to install your Fibaro Smoke Sensor Plus and does not take a professional. For a detailed information on your Smoke Sensor and and its installation process, please follow this link.



Z-Wave Fibaro Smoke Sensor Plus



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