Aeotec Water Sensor 6



Detects water leakage in home using 4 sensing points


  • Real-time leak monitoring
  • Accurate water detection (as little as 0.03%)
  • Pair with temperature control and floor heating systems to monitor temperature between -20ºC and 100ºC
  • Battery powered and waterproof
  • Built-in 60 decibel siren for notifications
  • Available in legal Z-Wave IN frequency (865.2 MHz)
  • Z-Wave Plus certified
  • 1-year warranty

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Aeotec Water Sensor 6

Safeguarding home from water damage.



Aeotec Water sensor 6 protects your home from small water leaks and bursts by silently monitoring areas of risks that are vulnerable to water leaks using Z-Wave Plus. It’s been designed to protect your home and also makes your smart home smarter. Three separate sensors are crafted into each Water Sensor 6.


Aeotec Water Sensor - Closes Valve


Protector of the year

Water Sensor 6 auto closes the valve at the time of pipe burst via Z-Wave. Water and electricity don’t mix. Protect your home and family by turning off electronics in the event of a leak or flood.

Smart Home monitor


Water Sensor 6 can detect minuscule amounts of water – as little as 0.5mm/0.2” of water.


Whether a small amount or large, Water Sensor 6 also is perfect at protecting against the flood you can anticipate such as in basements.


Forgotten to turn off your tap? No problem, Water Sensor 6 can alert you to the water you’ve forgotten to turn off before it’s too late.

Aeotec Sensor


Aeotec Sensors


Smart Sensors

Water: 4 gold tipped water probes actively looking for leaks and drips.

Vibration: Tamper and emergency events are alerted.

Temperature: Inbuilt temperature senor can monitor temperature between -20C and 100C.

Protection now everywhere.

Water Sensor 6 is so slim – it’s only 3.8cm wide and 2.4cm tall. That means Water Sensor 6 will fit and blend in wherever you need it, whether that’s in a hard to reach space or one where it can be seen.

Aeotec Water Sensor 6


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Additional information



  • Protocol: Z-Wave Plus
  • Model number: ZW122
  • Buzzer Max Volume: 60dB from 2 meters
  • Sensors: Air Temperature and Water Flow
  • Supported Notification Types: Heat Alarm; Home Security; Water Alarm
  • Power supply: CR123A lithium battery, 3V / 1500mA (2.3 years battery life with default settings with estimated leakage events 5 times per month)
  • Repeater: No
  • Operating humidity: 8% to 80%.
  • Operating temperature: 0°C to 40°C
  • Storage Temperature: -20℃ to 60℃
  • Waterproofing: IP65 rating
  • Operating distance: Up to 150 metres outdoors.