How to setup Fibaro Home Center 2?

Home Center 2

Fibaro is one of the leading brands in Home Automation system and has its devices in the market that cater to various functionalities like lighting control, music control, audio-video controls, etc. Fibaro offers a complete holistic solution that cater to your daily lifestyle by easy setting up of events through their easy-to-use smartphone/tablet application which communicates with the Fibaro devices and offers all the controls just through a tap.

However, each of the Fibaro device and sensors receive the command from the central controlling unit of the Fibaro Home Automation system called as the Home Center 2. Thus the basic installation process of your Fibaro Home Automation system starts with setting up the Home Center 2 unit.

The Home Center 2 package consist of the central unit, Power Supply cord, Ethernet Cable and Warranty information.  Here are few quick steps to setup Fibaro Home Center 2 :

Step 1: Unbox the packaging and remove the Home Center 2 Unit. Unscrew the left sided panel of the unit by using proper screw-driver.

Left Panel Home Center 2

Step 2: As shown in the above figure from the side gap insert the power and ethernet cable and make the connection as shown. The other end of the Ethernet cable should be connected to the Wi-Fi router.

Step 3: Place back the removed side panel and screw it again in the right position. In Home Center 2, you will see a USB Stick connected. Don’t remove the stick as it is used for storing system back-ups. Also do not power on the Home Center 2 without the stick as it might cause system failure.

Step 4: On powering the Home Center 2, it should start booting. In case it does not happen, press the power button to the rear of the unit once. The front lights should begin to flash. 

Home Center 2 power panel

Step 5: Once you are done with the basic booting process, you will need a PC/Laptop to continue with further installation process. Make sure your PC/Laptop is connected to the same network as your Home Center 2.

Step 6: Download and install the Fibaro Finder Application. Launch the Application and click the “Refresh” button in order to search for the available Home Center on your network.

Step 7: Select the Home Center that you wish to connect and click on “Connect”. This will take you to a login screen on your default browser. Enter the username and password both as “admin”. You’re done with the basic setup process. 

Home Center 2 login 01

Now that you’re done with the basic setup of the Home Center 2, you can expand your Fibaro Home Automation experience by adding more Fibaro devices/sensors to it.