Z-Wave Fibaro Universal Dimmer 2 250W

  • Compatible with any Z-Wave and Z-Wave+ controller
  • Implemented algorithm of smart light source detection
  • Active power and energy metering functionality
  • Works with various types of switches – momentary, toggle, three-way, etc.
  • Soft-start function
  • LED diode signaling inclusion status, calibration status and MENU levels
  • Built-in Z-Wave range tester
  • Dimmer automatically senses faults in wiring, reporting excess temperature, burnt bulb, overvoltage and overload
  • Advanced configuration options
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Z-Wave Fibaro Universal Dimmer 2 250W

Dim Lights at Your Fingertips


Fibaro Universal Dimmer 2 is made to switch or dim the connected light sources, either through radio waves or through the wall switch connected directly to it. This new Dimmer 2 is equipped with an algorithm, specially designed to detect the smart light source, making the configuration easier and ensuring the high compatibility of the device.

It can be used as a switch with the non-dimmable light sources in a three wire connection. It detects the type of bulb being used and adapts the dimming behaviour instantly. Your new Dimmer 2 can help you extend your battery life, offer extended range and Over the Air Upgrading (UTA) through its perfect compatibility with Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus Controller.

The brilliantly small and sleek construction of your Fibaro Universal Dimmer 2 will make it perfectly fit at the back of your switchboard, which means that irrespective of your home infrastructure, you will be able to mount your Dimmer without damaging the existing system. This Dimmer can be connected to two-wire and three-wire configuration, which makes it compatible of operating with or without lead

Manage and Control Your Light From Anywhere

The amazing Fibaro Universal Dimmer 2 has been designed to give you the best experience with your smart home. It will let you have a full control over the lights of your home, which means that you can operate them from your living room or anywhere else around the world just by a few clicks on your Smartphone, tablet or PC. It automatically selects the best suitable dimming type from trailing edge and leading edge, based on the type of bulb used. Through its special algorithm, Dimmer 2 can easily recognize the type of light connected to it and can instantly calibrate itself for the ultimate efficiency.


Monitor Your Energy Usage

Your new Dimmer 2 comes equipped with an energy metering feature which will allow you to view at a detailed data of your energy consumption, pointing out the devices that consume the most of your energy and will help you estimate your next electricity bill. This way you will be able to save your energy and limit your utility bills.



Compatible For Both 2 And 3 Wire Systems

This new Fibaro Universal Dimmer has been constructed in a way that it can be used in both 2 and 3 wire electrical system. It may be used as a switch with non-dimmable light sources (in 3-wire connection) so you can use it in older electrical systems as well.

Your Dimmer 2 comes a numerous safety and security features that will notify you as soon as it detects a threat and prevent the connected devices from overheating, overload and voltage drop.


Convenient Connectors For Easy Installation

The installation process is simple and can be done without a professional help.The large connecting terminals in your Dimmer 2 make the installation procedure super easy. You can even connect it to wires with larger diameter and make the installation faster.

The built-in RGB will notify you when the Dimmer 2 has been included or excluded from the network and whether the calibration and software update has been successfully completed, which will be a perfect source of information during this process.

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Technical Data:

  • Power source 230V +/- 10%, 50Hz
  • Output power: 50-250W (resistive load)
  • Rated load current: 0.25A - 1.1A
  • Overcurrent protection: required external 10A circuit breaker
  • Ambient temperature: 0o C – 35o C
  • To be mounted in standard wall switch boxes Ø ≥ 50mm
  • Radio protocol: Z-Wave Plus
  • Radio frequency: 868.42 MHz or 869.85 MHz EU; 908.4 MHz or 916 MHz US; 921.4 MHz or 919.8 MHz ANZ; 869 MHz RU;
  • Outside dimensions (L x W x H): 42.5 x 38.25 x 20.3mm
  • Compliant with EU directives: RoHS 2011/65/EU, LVD 2006/95/EC, EMC 2004/108/EC, R&TTE 1999/5/EC

Fibaro Dimmer Installation

Fibaro Dimmer Installation without N Lead