Z-Wave Fibaro RGBW Controller



The ultimate LED RGBW Controller and Dimmer


  • Wireless control of LEDs with an infinite range of colour options
  • Monitor and analyse energy usage
  • Four Analog Sensor inputs
  • Four Dimmer channels

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Fibaro RGBW Controller


Bring lights to life with the Fibaro RGBW Controller



Z-Wave Fibaro RGBW Controller



The RGBW Controller is an advanced and unique 4-colour LED strip controller. The RGBW controller has been designed to control RGBW, LED and RGB strips, halogen lights and fans. The control over dimming the LED channels as per your requirement and taking input from four different analogs are just a few of its various amazing features.


The Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) output signals, helps it to bring multiple LED lights to life; allowing you to have just the perfect lights for your mood. This ultra-modern RGBW Controller does not only control the three traditional Red, Green and Blue (RGB) channels but also the white ones.


Its in-built Analog Sensors can control sensors like wind, light, humidity, rainfall, pressure and potentiometer sensors within a range of 0-10V. Your new RGBW Controller will notify you as soon as it detects any of these sensors and will keep you ready for everything in advance. It is compatible with all Z-Wave controller.


To install your RGBW Controller is easy, all you need to do is connect the outputs and inputs first and then connect it to the voltage supply; after which you will need to arrange the antenna and turn the voltage on, now your device will be ready to get connected to the Z-Wave network. After you’ve connected it to the Z-wave network; you will need to do this one last thing and that is to sit back and relax.





Fibaro RGBW Controller - Choose colors




Choose Your Ideal Colors

The Fibaro RGBW Controller supports endless possibilities of color LED lighting. Scroll through the color wheel and choose the right color for your mood; right from the warm and relaxing shades to the party shades. Also, you can set different colors to alert you for specific things.


Enhance Your Interior Without Spending a Fortune

Forget all about the stressful day that you had at work and feel the calm and peace right as you step into your home. The programmed relax scene is designed to set the temperature and humidity level to perfect, music volume and lighting scenes with the help of connected analog sensors. All you need to do it press the relax scene button.





Fibarro RGBW Controller - Analog








Fibaro RGBW Controller - notifications




Get Alerted Through Colors

Thanks to four analogue inputs, Fibaro RGBW Controller can be connected to four independent analogue sensors operating in 0-10V range. You can use analogue sensors support to create bathtub illumination informing you of water temperature with a colour. You can also adapt living-room lighting to conditions outside. Help your Fibaro Home Center decide whether to start garden watering depending on signals coming from soil moisture sensors and light intensity sensors.


Four Channel Dimmer

With the help of its inbuilt wireless dimmer, you can control the intensity of four different independent channels with 12/24V with LED light source without any kind of major modifications.




Four channel dimmer







Child care




Best Child Care

Fibaro RGBW controller can be used to keep a perfect temperature in your child’s room; even when you are not around. Connect the four analog sensors and monitor the air quality, pressure, humidity and temperature. It will let you have you and your child experience the best of comfort.


Active Power And Energy Monitoring

This RGBW Controller with unearthly potential is also capable of monitoring the amount of energy and power it uses; which will help you keep a track on how much energy you use and on what. This will also help you estimate your next utility bill and save energy.




Fibaro RGBW Controller - Energy monitoring










Your new RGBW Controller can be installed without the help of a professional. For a more detailed information on your RGBW Controller and its installation procedure, please follow this link.


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Technical Details

  • Technology: Z-Wave
  • Voltage: 12V or 24V DC
  • Maximum Output Current:
    • 12A - sum of all output channels
    • 6A - for a single channel
  • Maximum Load:
    • 144W (at 12VDC)
    • 288W (at 24VDC)
  • Load Type: 12/24V LED or Halogen bulbs
  • Inputs: 4x (binary or 0-10V)
  • Outputs 4x PWM
  • Power Consumption: < 0.3W
  • Range: up to 50m (outdoors) and 30m (indoors)
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 42 x 37 x 17mm