Syska Smartlight LED Bulb

Control the lights of your home from anywhere around the world.

  • Choose from a wide range of three million shades and tones
  • Compatible with all Alexa enabled devices
  • Consumes 70% lesser energy than other traditional bulbs
  • Supported Devices: Android Smart Phones, iOS Smart Phones
  • Supported OS: Android 4.3 & Above, iOS 6 & Above
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Syska Smartlight 7W LED Bulb

Smart Light For Your Smart Home

Syska Smartlight is a Wi-Fi enabled smart LED bulb that has been designed for you to control the lighting of your home from anywhere in the world. It offers about three million of shades and tones to make every moment of your life extra special.

The “Syska Smart Home” application will let you have change the mood of your space in just a few seconds. It is compatible with all Alexa enabled devices. You can also use Syska Smartlight to create different scenes according to the routine of your daily activities, for a thorough convenience.

Syska Smartlight does not require a hub to be operated. It will also help you save energy while proving style and colour to your home. The retrofit construction of your Smartlight makes the installation process a task of seconds.

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Control Your Lights From Anywhere

The Syska Smartlight connects with the Wi-Fi and let you have a full control over it in every way possible and from anywhere around the world. This will help you to set the lights of your home according to your preferences. You can also set them to turn on/off according to the timing of your arrival or departure, so that you don’t have to worry about forgetting to leave the lights switched on, while you leave for a vacation.

Syska Smartlight LED Bulb
Syska Smartlight LED Bulb

A Perfect Tone For Every Mood

You deserve to be treated good when you have a hard day at work. With Syska smartlight, you can choose the tone of your light according to your mood. From warm and relaxing to a cold and breezy tone, it will let you change the aura of your home just through a few clicks on the Syska Application.


3 Million Shades In One Bulb

With the help of the Syska Smart Home App, you can simply choose the shades of your choice, depending on the occasional. You can pick bright colors when you want to party and calming ones when you in the mood to meditate.

You can easily change the brightness and intensity of the Bulb and dim it whenever you want with the help of the Brightness and Dimmable Control. This bulb can also sense the colours in a photograph or in the camera, giving you the power to light your house in the exact same colour that you want.

Syska Smartlight LED Bulb

For The Complete Peace Of Mind

Syska Smartlight Alarm feature will let you easily set daily schedules. You can schedule it to turn off when the sun rises and turn on when the sun sets, to keep yourself stress free.

While at vacation, you can turn on and off the lights occasionally that will help you to give an impression that you are home, keeping potential thieves at bay.

Syska Smartlight LED Bulb

Command With Your Voice

When paired with Amazon Alexa, you will be able to command and control the lights of your home with your voice. You can assign a name to each Syska Smart Bulb, for example, you can give a specific name to each of the bulb in your living room to make the communication better, fast and easy. You can also group all those Smart bulbs in the living room and control them all with one command.

Power To Your Whole Family

Not just one person but your whole family can have a control over your Smart bulbs. All you will need to do is to create a group on the Application. This will let everyone be happy with their choice of shades and tone, cutting down the hassle and efforts.

Syska Smartlight LED Bulb

Syska Smartlight LED Bulb


Syska Smartlight has a retrofit and a universal screw thread contact which means that you will not have to buy any special fixtures to install this device. It can easily fit into your old traditional bulb socket.

Save Energy And Money

Syska Smartlight consumes about a 70% of less energy that your traditional old lights. This will save a lot of your power consumption and limit your utility bill.

2 Years Of Warranty

Your Syska Smartlight LED Bulb comes with a 2 years of warranty that will protect it from any manufacturing defects for two long years.

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