Qubo Smart Smoke Sensor


  • Easy installation
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Instant alert in the event of smoke detection
  • Works by connecting to your home network (Wi-Fi)
  • Works only with Qubo Indoor Camera for 24×7 live monitoring
  • Loud alarm alerts and flashing lights in the event of smoke detection
  • Alerts sent to your smartphone – compatible with Android and iPhone
  • Powered by ZigBee technology – capable of smoke detection within a range of 40 metre in an open area
  • Long battery life – powered with High power (1 x CR123A) battery with battery life up to 3 years
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Qubo Smart Smoke Sensor

Prevent mishaps with the Qubo Smart Smoke Sensor





Get alerted instantly in the event of smoke detection in your home with the Qubo Smart Smoke Sensor. Powered by ZigBee technology, the Qubo Smart Smoke Sensor is capable of detecting smoke within a 40 metre range in an open area; giving you ample protection to prevent any mishaps.


The Qubo Smart Smoke Sensor works with the Qubo Smart Indoor Camera to keep your home safe and protected at all times. The Qubo app on your smartphone instantly sends a notification to your phone; in case any smoke is detected, drawing your immediate attention to the matter even when you are away from home.


Additionally, the Qubo Smart Smoke Sensor sounds a loud alarm and gives off a flashing light to draw your attention to the situation; thus giving you a headstart to solve the problem before it escalates and causes any damage to your home and loved ones. Smart alerts are also sent to your smartphone in case of smoke detection, warning you of the situation no matter where you are.


Installed with a high power (1 x CR123A) battery, the Qubo’s Smart Sensor has a long battery life of up to 3 years; which frees you from the hassles of frequent battery changes. Installation of the Smart Smoke Sensor can be performed within minutes without the requirement of any professional help. Simply mount the Qubo’s Smart Smoke Sensor on or near the ceiling and start receiving instant alerts on your smartphone.


You are provided with a 1 year manufacturer warranty on the Qubo’s Smart Smoke Sensor. For more information on the Qubo Smart Smoke Sensor and to learn more about the features of the product, click here.






Qubo Smoke Sensor - Indoor Camera integration


Works with Qubo Smart Indoor Camera to offer complete protection

The Qubo’s Smart Smoke Sensor works in tandem with the Qubo’s Smart Indoor camera; which is a smart AI powered device, to keep your home safe.


Stay safe and let cooking be fun

Be it candlelit dinners or fun bake-offs in the kitchen, you can now enjoy your special moments; without having to worry about fire hazards in your home with the Qubo’s Smart Smoke Sensor; which sends you instant alerts in case of smoke detection in your home.



Qubo Smoke Sensor - Let Cooking be fun





Qubo Smoke Sensor - Smoke Detection



Instant notification that save lives

The Qubo’s Smart Smoke Sensor helps you protect your home and family from any accidents by detecting smoke in real time; and alerting you to the danger by flashing a light, sounding an alarm. It also sends a notification on the Qubo App on your smartphone. This instant 3-way notification ensures that you are alerted to the danger immediately; and do not miss out on the notification in any manner, thus protecting your home at all costs.

Live hassle-free with long battery life

Free yourself from the hassles of having to change the batteries of your smoke sensor; as the Qubo’s Smart Smoke Sensor is equipped with a high power battery (1 x CR123A) with a life of 3 years.


Qubo Smoke Sensor - Product









Easy Installation

The Qubo’s Smart Smoke Sensor is very easy to install. Installation involves absolutely no wiring and causes no damage to your doors or windows. Simply peel off the adhesive tape from the back of the sensor, mount the sensor on or close to the ceiling. Finally add it to the Qubo App on your smartphone. And that’s it! Your smart smoke sensor is active and ready to protect your home immediately.


Get smart alerts on the Qubo App

Get instant, smart notifications on the Qubo App as soon as the Qubo’s Smart Smoke Sensor detects smoke in your home.



Qubo App - Alerts




1-Year Hardware Warranty

With the purchase of the Qubo’s Smart Smoke Sensor; you are offered a 1 year warranty that protects you against any manufacturing defects.



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