Pert Multi Sensor



  • Voice Control
  • Set custom rule
  • Universal remote
  • Control appliances with the Pert App
  • Control IR appliances like TV, AC, DVD players, Music System, etc.
  • Multiple sensors like IR transmitter, Temperature, Luminosity, Gas & more
  • Get alerted of gas leaks, smokes or cold temperatures, etc.
  • Integrates with Pert Smart Switch and Smart Plug
  • High grade military infrared material
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Wi-Fi enabled sensor

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Pert Multi Sensor





Pert Multi Sensor is a smart Wi-Fi enabled sensor which comes with multiple sensors like Temperature, Luminosity, Gas sensors that can alert you whenever there are uncertain events like freezing temperatures, smokes or gas leaks.

Pert’s Multi Sensor allows you to control all your appliances and devices remotely with your phone. Turn your smartphone into a universal remote and control every single device with your phone and forget about individual remotes for each appliance. Control this multi-sensor with smartly with your voice using Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, or IFTTT.






Temperature Sensor

The temperature sensor manages your Air Conditioner and turns it off whenever it is not required.

Luminosity Sensor

The luminosity sensor controls your home’s lighting and provides the perfect brightness of the light for your home and family.


Pert Multi Sensor - Luminosity



Pert Multi Sensor - Gas Sensor


Gas Sensor

The gas sensor detects gas leakages and alerts you whenever your home is in danger due to gas leakage.

Control your Appliances

Control all your home appliances with one app. Manage appliances like TV, set-top box, Air conditioners, Air coolers, Music Systems, DVD players and more with just one single app.


Pert Multi Sensor



Pert Multi Sensor - Voice Control


Voice Control

Integrate your Multi Sensor with IFTTT and Amazon Alexa and control your appliances and devices with your voice. Command using your voice to turn on or off your AC or TV with Alexa.

1-year manufacturer Warranty

Pert’s Multi Sensor is available to you with a 1-year standard manufacturer warranty.







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  • Turn on or turn off your air conditioner, change temperature,  from anywhere with your smartphone.
  • Control your TV/Set-top Box, Change channel, change volume etc.
  • Integrates with Pert Smart Switches and Smart Plugs
  • Set up rules for appliances to turn on or off based on the temperature/ luminosity
  • Get notifications when there is a gas leak or smoke.
  • One-year limited warranty.