Pert Motion Sensor



  • Super sensitive
  • Works on RF technology
  • Battery-based PIR sensor
  • Requires Pert Multi-Sensor
  • Get alerted when motion is detected
  • Turn devices on or off if the motion sensor detects motion
  • Real-time updates and notifications
  • Away from home security feature
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty
  • Provides security
  • Easy to install
  • Saves energy

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Pert Motion Sensor







Pert Motion Sensor is a smart security device that secures your home and family by sensing motion smartly and sending timely alerts on your phone. You can always keep a check on your pets and children when you are away from home.

This smart motion sensor automatically turns the lights off when everyone leaves the room or when you fall asleep in the room and turns them on when motion is detected. This enables you to save your energy usage or wastage of energy.







Minimalist Design

Pert’s Motion Sensor is available to you with a minimalist design which makes it possible for it to mount anywhere you like. It captures even the slightest amount of movements.

Pert Motion Sensor - Minimalist Design



Pert Motion Sensor - Flexible


Flexible Installation

It can be adjusted to all possible angles the user wants to install it. It gives you a 3-dimensional wide view arrangement with its ball socket within the bracket.


Pert Motion Sensor is highly sensitive because of which detects even the slightest of the movements. From slight gestures to the quickest movements, the sensor detects it all.

Pert Motion Sensor - Super Sensitive


Pert - Set Schedules


Get Alerted

Get real-time alerts, notifications, and updates to get a seamless experience with your Pert’s Motion Sensor. You get timely updates on your smartphone, allowing you to stay on track with the latest features and technology. Pert will always notify you whenever a new update is available.

Secures your family

Secure your home with Pert and never allow intruders to invade your privacy.



Pert Motion Sensor - Home Security



Easy to Install

Get hassle-free installation and set-up of the motion sensor and connect it to the Pert Multi-Sensor.

Away from Home feature

Enhance home security with the Away from Home security feature wherein motion detection becomes more sensitive.


Pert Door Sensor - Security


Pert Motion Sensor - Set Rules

Set smart rules

Create custom rules for your motion sensor and make it do whatever you want it to do when motion is detected.

2-year Manufacturer Warranty

Pert Motion Sensor is sold to you with a 2-year standard manufacturer warranty.





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  • Get notified about any movement in your house as soon as motion is sensed.
  • Always be aware of who’s in your home & in which room.
  • Watch over your family & protect them from unwanted visitors.
  • Trigger scenes when you walk into or outside a room.
  • Make custom rules based on what you want to happen when motion is detected.
  • Security feature – Away From Home that enables extra security.
  • Two-year limited warranty.