Confio Curtain Controller



  • Easy installation
  • Z-Wave powered curtain controller
  • Wirelessly control your curtains from your smartphone
  • Works with motorised curtains, blinds and shades
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • High surge protection






Confio Curtain Controller

Turn your curtains smart with the Confio Curtain Controller







With the Confio Curtain Controller, you can now control your motorised curtains by simply connecting to the internet and using the Confio App in your smartphone to control your curtains remotely. The Confio Curtain Controller can also be used to control vertical blinds or motorised side-shifting curtains.


With quick response and zero delay in rollover, the Confio Curtain Controller gives you the convenience of moving your curtains as you please, without having to get up. You can also set schedules and time your curtains to open and close whenever you please. The Confio Curtain Controller is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, enabling you to use voice commands to control your curtains.


You are provided with a 1 year manufacturer warranty on the Curtain Controller. For more information on the Confio Curtain Controller and to learn more about the features of the product, click here.


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Confio App


Automate your Curtains

With the Confio’s Curtain Controller, you can now have your curtains open and close at your command, without having to physically move them yourself.

Readily compatible with traditional curtain setups

It works with both single and double curtain setups.It is also compatible with most rails and rod systems.


Confio Fan Controller - Smart Schedule



Confio Curtain Controller


Your Home, Your Schedule

Schedule your curtains to roll open on their own when it is time for you to wake up; set schedules for rolling in and out your curtains at preset times even when you’re not at home, to keep robbers at bay – you can do all this with the Confio Curtain Controller.

Quick Response

The Curtain Controller ensures zero delay in curtain roll over, ensuring smooth curtain operation with quick response.


Confio Fan Controller - Suitable for Indian Fans


 Confio Curtain Controller - Product 

Temperature control routines to maintain room temperature

You can now use Confio’s Curtain Controller to maintain the optimum temperature in your home by applying a temperature control routine on your curtains. Keep your home cool in summers and insulate your glass windows in winters; by rolling your curtains in and out at the touch of a button.


Control via Voice Commands

The Confio’s Curtain Controller comes integrated with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, giving you the convenience of controlling your devices with voice commands.


Confio - Voice Control





Easy Installation

The Confio’s Curtain Controller is very easy to install. Installation involves absolutely no wiring and causes no damage to your doors or windows.

Simply plug it in, add it to the Confio App on your smartphone and that’s it! Your smart Curtain Controller is active and ready to protect your home immediately.


1-Year Hardware Warranty

With the purchase of the Confio’s Curtain Controller, you are offered a 1 year warranty that protects you against any manufacturing defects.