Meek Sync



  • Complete 360 degree coverage – radius of 20 feet
  • Turn smartphone into universal remote – runs on Wi-Fi
  • Exciting entertainment program guide – program schedules, links and easy navigation on OTT platforms
  • Compatible with a wide range of home appliances including TV, AC, Projector, Disc Player etc.
  • Integrated with Google Home and Amazon Alexa
  • 5 years hardware warranty


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Meek Sync

Simplify your life and cut the hassle with Domum Meek Sync



Tired of losing the remotes to your devices and having to hunt for them each time you want to use a device? Say no more. We have a one stop solution for all your problems!


With the Domum Meek Sync smart portable remote; you can now throw away all the remotes that you have for all the different devices around your house. The Meek Sync is a universal remote that allows you to control different devices; from your Television and your Projector to a Set Top Box; the media streamer, disc player and even your air conditioner through a single device. Simply connect the Domum’s Meek Sync to a local Wi-Fi; plug it in to a USB Adapter and control all your appliances with one single device.


The Meek Sync also comes integrated with Google Home and Amazon Alexa; enabling you to use voice commands to control all your electronic devices. You can also set up your Domum Meek Sync to turn your smartphone into a universal remote control; allowing you control over your digital devices even when you are away from home. You are also provided with a 5 years manufacturer warranty on the Domum’s Meek Sync.







   Meek Sync - Remote access





Turn your smartphone into a universal remote


Enjoy full range of wireless control over your entertainment and IR devices with the Domum’s Meek Sync. It allows you to turn your smartphone into a wireless remote. Simply plug in the Meek Sync into a USB Type B adapter; install the Domum App from Google Play Store or Apple Appstore to be able to control your appliances even when you are away from home.



So smart that it can listen and act on your command


The Domum’s Meek Sync comes integrated with Google Home and Amazon Alexa; giving you the convenience of controlling your devices with voice commands.



Domum - Voice Control





Domum Meek Sync - Control all appliances




Compatible with a whole range of appliances


The Domum Meek Sync can support a variety of electronic appliances like set-top box, TV, AC, projector, AV receiver, Disc Player and Media Streamer across 6000+ brands; with a range of devices continually being added to this list. This gives you the power to control a wide range of appliances through voice commands or even remotely through your smartphone.



Comprehensive entertainment program guide


Get smart show recommendations tailored to your preferences on a scrollable, easy to navigate interface. The Domum’s Meek Sync makes your life easy by providing you with program schedules and links to programs available on OTT platforms; playing the selected program at the touch of a button or even through voice commands.





Meek Sync - Entertainment Guide











5-Years Hardware Warranty

With the purchase of the Domum’s Meek Sync, you are offered 5 years warranty that protects you against any manufacturing defects.


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