Fibaro Swipe



Z-Wave Fibaro Swipe has been designed to let you have a complete control over your home just by a few gestures of your hands.


  • Compatible with Fibaro and VERA Controllers
  • Power supply optional via Micro-USB or battery
  • First ever Z-Wave gesture control device in the world of smart home
  • Contact-less gesture control, also with wet or dirty hands (e.g. in bathroom or kitchen)
  • Can be put on display as a photo frame on a desk or hidden behind wallpapers or under the kitchen island

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Fibaro Swipe

Control You Home With Hand Gestures






Control the devices in your Z-Wave network at your home with this revolutionary gesture control pad without actually touching anything. With the wave of your hands, you can control the temperature settings of your home, switch on/off the lights, turn on the music or the television, or transform your living room into a movie theatre.

You can use Swipe as a security pad or sound an alarm in a case of emergency. Fibaro Swipe can be powered by battery or can be charged manually by a USB cable. It will allow you to control devices without mounting them, making your life easier. Fibaro swipe has been designed for you to reach the inaccessible places and see the impossible become possible. You will be able to close the skylight window and blinds. It will also help you prepare your coffee and fill your bathtub with hot water just through a few hand gestures on the screen.

To activate your Fibaro Swipe is easy. You will first need to remove the magnetic frame of Swipe, detach the Swipe from the back casing by sliding the device down, simply remove the paper stripe, protecting the batteries, mount Swipe back into the casing by sliding it up. Now wait for the device to confirm power by signalling an acoustic sound.


Fibaro Swipe

Discover The Power Of Gestures

This device has been designed to control your intelligent home without actually touching a gesture to a command. Swipe comes with an endless number of possibilities and unconventional uses, all you need to do is – Imagine.

Imagine swiping up to open the roller shades or blinds, swiping down to turn off the air conditioner, swiping right to turn the television on, swiping left to turn the lights on. With four short swipes, the living room gets transformed into a home theater. The Gesture controlled menu will allow you to add/remove or reset the device without dismantling it.

     Fibaro Swipe Gestures



Put This Beautiful Thing On Display

This most beautiful and attractive device can also work as a photo frame, though, not the traditional one. You can personalize the picture on it just by a small wave over the screen. Put your Swipe on a display and flaunt its flawless design to impress your friends or colleagues, even before the party starts.

Just Use Your Imagination

Swipe is a technical masterpiece and it comes with an endless number of functions which is only limited to your imagination. Use your imagination to explore the most unconventional uses of your Swipe.


Fibaro Swipe - Imagination





Let It Take Care Of Your Loved Ones

You can’t always be with your loved ones, but you can always count of Fibaro swipe to do that for you. It will help you make life easier for people you really care about. It will always be there for them, even when you are not around. You can keep the apartment ventilated, boil water for their tea without even getting up from the chair. This is just a perfect device for the aging people, who find it difficult to learn the modern technology.

Use It In Your Office

The Fibaro Swipe has not been designed to do wonder only in your home, you can also use one in your office and experience the true comfort and perfection. This device will help you create a friendly surrounding and make the office as comfortable as your home.





Fibaro Swipe White


Black Or White, You Decide

Swipe comes in two classic colours like Black and White. Choose your favourite or both, and add this revolutionary device to make your smart home, smarter.

Stationary And Mobile

Fibaro Swipe can be powered by batteries (4xAA) or by micro USB cable, giving you ultimate convenience and flexibility to use it anywhere in your home.



Fibaro Swipe - Stationary and Mobile



Easy Activation

To activate your Fibaro Swipe is easy and can be done in just a few steps. For a detailed information on the installation and activation procedures, please go through its manual.




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