Z-Wave Fibaro KeyFob



Z-Wave Fibaro KeyFob is a remote control designed to let you have a full control over other devices through the Z-Wave network.


  • 30 different actions, single/double/triple click, hold for each button and sequences
  • Remote control that lets you control and create various complex scenes
  • Compatible with any Z-Wave or Z-Wave + Controller
  • Equipped with 6 easily recognizable buttons
  • Confirmed Actions by the built-in LED diode
  • Completely wireless and battery powered
  • Easy to operate menu
  • Built In lock system

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Z-Wave Fibaro KeyFob


The Ultimate Remote Control Of Your Home





The Fibaro KeyFob has been designed to control other devices through the Z-Wave network and run various scenes defined in the Fibaro System. It is battery powered remote control that has been invented to make your life smarter and convenient.


The six buttons will allow you to have a full control over all the devices in your home. You can configure actions for one, two, three clicks, holding the button and button sequences to suit all your needs. Its built in lock system will make sure that no unauthorized person tries to take a control of your home.


It’s perfect and completely wireless design come in pocket-size. You can use over 26 combinations and 6 sequence, making it a total of 30 actions in one device. KeyFob can work as an invaluable assistant, who is always ready to go.


Here’s how you can setup Remote Access in Fibaro.




Z-Wave Fibaro KeyFob



One Controls The Whole House

This device is all you need to have a full control on every device in your home. Just through a click, it will turn on the lights, relax you by playing your favourite music, disarm the alarm in your home, close the blinds and control the temperature.

Open the Door Without Even Touching it

The Fibaro KeyFob will open the door for you or your friend before your eyes. It will let you open the electronic locks while maintaining the high security. It can also open the garage gates effortlessly on your arrival.



Z-Wave Fibaro KeyFob





Z-Wave Fibaro KeyFob



Perfection In Every Element

The KeyFob has been constructed with the world’s advanced electronic technology by the engineers of Fibaro. You will not find a smarter product of this kind in the market.

Make Life Easier For Your Loved Ones

Fibaro KeyFob can be with your loved ones and take care of their needs when you can’t. It will give them more than just comfort and the joy of smoothly functioning home. It is the best device for the elderly, who find using technology difficult.



Easier Life





Z-Wave Fibaro KeyFob



100% Reliable

Its compact yet robust construction provides resistance to splashing water and dust, giving you a complete peace of mind.

Easy Installation

Its compact size makes it easier to carry around in a pocket or hand all the the time. For a detailed information on the installation and the activation process, please follow the link.








Energy Savings



2-Year Of Battery Life

Your new Fibaro KeyFob is battery powered and the battery usually work for 2 long years of regular use, saving you from the hassle of the changing the batteries every month.

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