Zemote Power Module



  • Control heavy-duty appliances from your phone
  • Control Geysers, fridge and AC main power
  • Tracks energy consumption
  • Notifies if appliances are running for a longer time
  • 3000 Watts load per channel
  • Control 1 channel
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty



Zemote Power Module



Zemote Power Module is a device that allows you to control your heavy-duty appliances like Geysers, fridge and AC main power using the app. Get instantly updated whenever an appliance is running for a longer time.

This power module can track energy consumption and help you decide your future power consumption. It also notifies you whenever an appliance is running for a longer time and consuming energy for no reason. This module can be used to control 1 channel of your home and can handle a load of 3000 Watts per channel.



Get Instant Alerts

Power Module will immediately notify you when an appliance is left switched ON for a long time.

Zemote Power Module - Instant alerts


Zemote PM - Energy Savings


Tracks energy consumption

It can track your energy usage and consumption and notifies reports. This allows you to manage your energy usage every month thus helping you to save energy in the long run.

Extremely Powerful

Power Module allows you to control 1 channel and can handle a load of 3000 Watts per channel.

Zemote PM - Heavy Load


Control Heavy-duty appliances

Control heavy-duty home appliances such as Geysers, fridge, and AC main power with your phone or directly using the remote.

Zemote Power Module - Control heavy load


1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

Zemote Power Module is sold to you with a 1-year standard manufacturer warranty.



Additional information



Technical Specifications:

  • Operating input voltage: 90 - 240 VAC
  • Supported Appliances: Geyser, Fridge, AC Main Power
  • Number of load channels: 1
  • Maximum per channel load output: 3000 Watts
  • Communication protocol: Wi-Fi 2.4 Ghz
  • Minimum broadband speed: 512 Kbps and above