TP-Link Smart WiFi Plug


Automatically control your whole house at the comfort of your smartphone


  • Control connected devices through the free Kasa App on your Smartphone
  • Give an appearance of being home by controlling devices even from far away
  • Control devices through your voice by connecting it to Amazon Alexa or The Google Assistant
  • Set automatic schedules to turn devices on and off as required
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TP-Link Smart WiFi Plug


Smart Control For Your Smart Home






TP-Link Wi-Fi Plug has been specially designed for you to run your entire home at the comfort of your smartphone. It will make it extremely easy for you to manage your electronic devices from anywhere around the world.


With the free Kasa Application, you can easily schedule the Smart Plug to automatically power electronics on and off, whenever needed. The App is compatible with all the Android and iOS smartphones. It can also help you give a presence that you’re home when you’re actually not, keeping thieves at bay.


It will let you control lights, fans, humidifiers, portable heaters and many other devices with ease. This Smart Plug is compatible with Amazon Echo for voice control which will let you have a complete control on your devices by just using your voice. The installation procedure for TP-Link is a task of just a few seconds. Also learn how to Save Energy.





Control Your Home Appliances From Anywhere

The TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi Plug will let you stay connected to your home from anywhere. All you will need is a smartphone and an internet connection. The Kasa application will let you automatically manage the devices at your home from a few clicks on your phone. You can buy as many Smart Plugs as you’d like, it’s just a brilliant investment for your brilliant home.




TP-Link Smart WiFi Plug







TP-Link Smart WiFi Plug - Never leave things running




Never Leave Things Running

You no more have to worry about forgetting to leave an appliance running when you leave home. You can simply schedule a timer for the devices to turn off and on, Smart Plug will do the rest for you.

Keep Your Home Secure All The Time

TP-Link Secure will help you give a presence that you’re home, when you’re actually not. You can simply do this by occasionally turning the lights on and off, automatically from anywhere in the world. This will scare away the thieves and keep your home secure all the time.




TP-Link Smart WiFi Plug






TP-Link Smart WiFi Plug



No Hub Required

TP-Link Smart WiFi Plug does not require a hub to function. It can simply work with your Wi-Fi router. It also does not need any paid monthly subscriptions, saving you a whole lot of money.

Modern, Elegant And Simple

TP-Link Smart Plug proves that advanced technology does not have always have to be expensive. It will perfectly fit in with your home decor with its elegant and modern design.




TP-Link Smart WiFi Plug





TP-Link Smart WiFi Plug



Keep Everything On Schedule

TP-Link Smart WiFi Plug features scheduling benefits that will help you run your home according to you daily schedules. The television may automatically turn off, which will help you control your child’s daily activities. You may also schedule the lamps to turn off automatically during the bedtime. It comes with an endless number other possibilities.

One App For Everything

The free Kasa App will let you control everything from just one centre. The application works with all TP-Link Smart devices. It is compatible with both Android (4.1 and higher) and iOS (iOS 8 and higher) devices.




Kasa app








1-Year Of Warranty

TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi Plug comes with a 1 year of warranty which will protect it from any manufacturing defects for a one long year.

Control With Your Voice

When paired with Amazon Alexa, this smart plug will let you give commands simply through your voice. You can also assign a name to each smart plug and communicate with them separately. You can even create a group for all the smart devices and control them all with just one command.


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