Qubo Smart Plug



  • Wi-Fi enabled smart plug
  • Works only with Qubo Smart Indoor Camera
  • Operate your appliances with a single tap on your phone
  • Create automated custom schedules and timers to turn your home appliances on & off
  • Real time data about power consumption – smart insights to manage consumption patterns
  • Remote access through your smartphone – works with Android and iPhone
  • Integrated with Amazon Alexa – control with voice commands
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • Easy installation

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Qubo Smart Plug

Make any appliance smart with the Qubo Smart Plug





Turn your smartphone into a remote control for all your appliances with the Qubo Smart Plug. Simply download the Qubo App from Android PlayStore or Iphone AppStore, connect the Qubo Smart Plug to your home network and get complete remote access to all the appliances in your home.


A unique feature of the Qubo’s Smart Plug is that it lets you create custom schedules and set timers on the Qubo App, giving you the flexibility to set schedules and timers for your appliances. Set your AC to turn on automatically if it gets too warm, schedule your water pumps to turn on in the mornings  – the Qubo’s Smart Plug has got you covered!


Your Smart Plug also comes integrated with Amazon Alexa, enabling you to use voice commands to control all your electronic devices. You can also set up your Smart Plug to turn your smartphone into a universal remote control; allowing you control over your digital devices even when you are away from home.


The Qubo’s Smart Plug is also very easy to install. Installation does not require any professional help and can be done within minutes, without causing any damage to your doors, walls or windows. You are provided with a 1 year manufacturer warranty on the Qubo Smart Plug. For more information on the Qubo’s Smart Plug and to learn more about the features of the product, click here.






Qubo Smart Plug - Smart Camera Integration


Works with Qubo Smart Indoor Camera to comfort and convenience

The Qubo’s Smart Plug only works in tandem with the Qubo Smart Indoor camera; which is a smart AI powered device, to keep your home safe.


Operate your appliances with a single tap

The Qubo’s Smart Plug lets you control your appliances with a single tap on your smartphone. Forgot to turn the lights off on your way out? Don’t worry because with the Qubo’s Smart Plug, you can control your appliances even when you are away from home.



Qubo Smart Plug - Remote Control





Qubo Smart Plug - Create Schedules



Create your own smart schedules

The Qubo’s Smart Plug lets you create your own automatic control instructions for different devices in different scenarios – have your door open automatically when you arrive home; the AC gets turned on the minute the temperature rises above 26 degrees; switch on the geyser if it’s a cold morning – you can have your Smart Plug do all this and much more!

Never be overwhelmed with exorbitant power bills again

The Qubo’s Smart Plug helps you collect real time data about your home power consumption and converts it into intelligent insights that help you better manage and control your daily power consumption.



Monitor energy consumption




Qubo Smart Plug - Smart Routines



Create smart routines

You can combine your Qubo’s Smart Plug with other smart devices from the Qubo range of smart products and create your own personalized routines. For example, you can now have the AC turn OFF automatically; the moment your  door is opened by combining the Qubo’s Smart Plug with the Qubo’s Smart Door Sensor. Create unlimited smart routines, – and tailor your Qubo experience to suit your needs!


Easy Installation

The Qubo’s Smart Plug is very easy to install. Installation can be done within minutes, without requiring the services of a professional. Simply plug in your Smart Plug, configure it on the Qubo App and voilà! Get ready to experience a new level of comfort and convenience with the Qubo’s Smart Plug.



Qubo Smart Plug - Voice Control




So smart that it can listen and act on your command

The Qubo’s Smart Plug comes integrated with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, giving you the convenience of controlling your devices with voice commands.


1-Year Hardware Warranty

With the purchase of the Qubo Smart Plug; you are offered a 1 year warranty that protects you against any manufacturing defects.