Aeotec Dual Nano Switch with Power Metering


Wirelessly control, automate and schedule your home’s wall switches or power outlets

  • Turn any switch or plug into a Z-Wave connected appliance
  • Control 2x appliances (dual-channel)
  • Extremely small – fits behind and switch board
  • Compatible with all switch types (2-state, flip/flop, momentary push button and 3-way switch)
  • Monitor energy consumption in real-time
  • Z-Wave Plus certified
  • 1-year warranty
  • Available in legal Z-Wave IN frequency (865.2 MHz)

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Aeotec Dual Nano Switch with Power Metering

Controlling switches and sockets wirelessly



Aeotec Nano Switch 2
Aeotec Dual Nano switch with power metering helps to control your On/Off Switch via enabling Z-Wave commands. Like Aeotec Switch, it helps to accurately record the energy consumption of your Z-Wave connected devices.



Total Control


Nano Switch allows you to have total control over your new and old devices by simply installing it behind of your homes switches and sockets. Install Nano Switch behind the power outlet and now you can control and schedule your devices while recording the daily power consumption.




Aeotec Dual Nano Switch






Remote control




Total Ability


Nano Switch gives you the ability to have wireless control. Allowing you to control and schedule the power sockets or switches from anywhere.


Total Home


Nano Switch is easy to install. Making your home smart and automated, it comes in handy while you are away from your home. It is invisible, controlling and responsive to touch.




Easy Installation










On the move access


Dual Nano Switch is easily to control and schedule via the Z-Wave network by a Z-Wave gateway and app. You can now have control over your automated home from anywhere.

Money Saving


Its super accurate energy metering records the energy consumption with almost 99%accuracy, helping you save money on electricity.



Save money






Dual Nano Switch Setup



Set up made easier


Dual Nano Switch works only with Switches and sockets that uses neutral wire. It can connect to wires 25% thicker than past models.

Small in size


Dual Nano Switch is a small device measuring 4.4x4x2.5 cm only. Its small size can fit easily behind the wall switch without compromising the safety.


Compact size





Energy Savings





Low Voltage


It is great with any voltage range. It is designed to control 24 VDC electronics such as electrical strips, alarms, doorbells and other low powered devices.


Wireless update


Dual Nano Switch allows firmware updates to be wirelessly installed via Z-Wave Plus and supports Over The Air (OTA) features for the products firmware update.




Additional information



  • Model number: ZW132
  • Total Current: 10A
  • Power input: 120 VAc to 240 VAC, 50Hz to 60 Hz.