Aeotec Heavy Duty Switch



Report and control monitor usage of a heavy duty appliance


  • Control heavy duty appliances
  • Run automated schedules 
  • Handles heavy loads up to 40 Amps
  • Energy reporting in KWh or watts
  • 1-year warranty
  • Available in legal Z-Wave IN frequency (865.2 MHz)

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Aeotec Heavy Duty Switch



The Aeotec Heavy Duty Smart Switch is a control and monitor device for heavy duty appliances. It can control the wireless appliances with an automatic schedule. The heavy duty smart switch can be automated, manually controlled, and remotely monitored. It is imbued with Aeotec’s reliable and accurate power-consumption monitoring technology. Appliances or electronics that uses up to 40 amps are considered as big appliances. For example: Fridge, pool pumps, hot water system etc.


Fully Automated

Aeotec’s Heavy duty Smart Switch lets you automate and operate your devices at anytime.

Aeotec - Remote Control


Aeotec Smart Switch Energy Monitoring


A check on your money

This Smart Switch helps you keep track of energy consumption in real time.

Installation made easy

Aeotec’s Heavy Duty Smart Switch is easy to install. All the tools comes in a box. Install the Smart Switch in the inline, strip the wire, and attach the provided wire terminals  to the power cable and to the Heavy Duty Smart Switch.



Aeotec Heavy Duty Smart Switch


Wireless Switch

Heavy duty Smart Switch can wirelessly communicate with Z-Wave devices which are up to 150 meters away

Very Powerful

The Aeotec’s Heavy Duty Smart Switch supports loads up to 40A (9,600 Watts)

Aeotec Outdoor Switch





Aeotec’s Heavy Duty Smart Switch is available to you with 1 year warranty. 


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Additional information



  • Diminesions: (LxWxH) 130x120x40 mm
  • Power consumption: 1W