Meek Lit



  • Choose from 16 million+ colors from the RGB Spectrum
  • Set the mood for every occasion with the Moods feature
  • Flexible: attach to any surface without damaging LED lights
  • Works over the internet by connecting to your home network
  • Remotely control through smartphone app – works with android and iPhone
  • Works with popular RGB, RGBW, RGBWW strip lights operating on 12V/24V
  • Patterns feature for creating millions of glow combinations
  • Integrated with Google Home and Amazon Alexa
  • Compatible with other Domum Sensors
  • 5 years hardware warranty




Meek Lit

Add color to your life with the Domum Meek Lit



Domum Meek Lit - Product




Make your life more vibrant and bring out your style with Domum’s Meek Lit. Choose from among 16 million colors or create your own combinations to match every occasion with the Domum Meek Lit. Be it a party or a date night, set the mood for each occasion by creating your unique glow combinations on the Domum App. You can even use the Patterns and the Mood features on the app to create the perfect combination of colours for every occasion!


The Meek Lit is totally flexible, allowing you to choose the surface you wish to attach it to without having to worry about physically damaging your LED strip in the process. It also comes integrated with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, enabling you to use voice commands to control your lights. You can even use your smartphone to remotely control the colours; and set the mood with the Domum’s Meek Lit. You are provided with a 5 years manufacturer warranty on the Domum Meek Lit.






Meek Lit - Choose colors



Choose from 16 million shades


Bring out your personality and choose your own style; as the Domum’s Meek Lit lets you choose from over 16 million colors in the RGB Spectrum.


Works with most LED Strips

The Domum’s Meek Lit works with all popular RGB, RGBW, RGBWW strip lights, operating on 12/24V.



Meek Lit - Works with every light strip





Unlimited possibilities with Meek Lit



Unlimited possibilities


With the Moods and Patterns features on the Domum App; you can now create different glow combinations by choosing different colors of your choice to suit your  every mood and occasion.

So smart that it can listen and act on your command

The Domum’s Meek Lit comes integrated with Google Home and Amazon Alexa; giving you the convenience of choosing your lights and setting the mood using voice commands.



Meek Lit - Voice Control





Domum Meek Lit - Product



Compatible with other Domum Switches

The Domum’s Meek Lit is fully compatible with other smart life switches in the Domum App; giving you full flexibility and control of choosing your unique color combinations and controlling it all from your smartphone.

5-Years Hardware Warranty

With the purchase of the Domum Meek Lit; you are offered a 5 years warranty that protects you against any manufacturing defects.



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12V, 24V