• Ready to use
  • Control 64 tiles per zone
  • Choose between 16 million colors
  • Compatible with Android, iOS and more
  • Control with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and more
  • Set up anywhere and in any way
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty
  • 34 Watts of energy usage
  • Longer lifespan










LIFX Tile is a modular light surface available to you with 5 customizable tiles in a pack allowing you to choose between 16 million unique colors. It can be controlled by Alexa, Google Assistant and Microsoft Cortana, Google Home and other smart assistants.

LIFX Tile can be set up anywhere and in any way you want it to be. These tiles are ready-to-use and have a decently long lifespan. It uses 34 Watts of energy and gives you excellent brightness and colors. You can control 64 tiles per zone and be able to completely operate them using the Android and iOS app.







One Integrated App

Control your lights with just one app for all which is free for Android, iOS, and Windows. Choose between cool pastels and bold colors.

64 Zones Per Tile

Choose between 16 million colors and whites across 64 zones per tile. Place it together or spaced apart, it works amazingly.


LIFX Tile - Features



LIFX Tile - Save Energy


Save Tons of Energy

The LIFX Tile functions tenth of an incandescent bulb and has a longer lifespan of 22.8 years.

Control with Your Voice

Control with voice your lights with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit. Change the temperature, brightness and more with your voice.

Voice Control


LIFX Tile - Easy Setup

Easy Set-up

  • Clean the tiles and place them on the surface and press. No hub required.
  • Connect the tiles using the cord.
  • Download the free app
  • Explore colors, themes and set schedules.
Set The Perfect Mood

Dim your lights or brighten them to set the perfect mood for rooms.

LIFX Tile - Perfect Mood



2-year Manufacturer Warranty

LIFX Tile is available to you with a 2-year standard manufacturer warranty.




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Additional information



  • Wattage Use:34 Watts at full brightness.
  • Wattage on Standby:<1W
  • Voltage Range:AC 100-240V 50/60 Hz
  • Color Temperature:16 million colours & blended whites
  • Dimming:Software dimming 1% - 100%
  • LED Life-span:22.8 years