Corvi Tube 1 900 Lumens


  • Easy installation
  • Dimmable light tube
  • Brightness (900 lumens)
  • 50 years of life expectancy
  • Sleek design and light weighted
  • Compatible with automation dimmers
  • Rustproof and fluctuation proof
  • Zero Maintenance required
  • Highly energy saving (6W)
  • Use in homes and offices
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Built-in driver
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Corvi Tube 1 900 Lumens







Corvi Tube 1 900 lumens is a dimmable spot LED light that comes to you with an excellent 900 lumens brightness and a no-joke 50 years of life expectancy.

This LED light comes to you with a stylish and sleek design and is light weighted. It can save you tonnes of energy by the maximum energy consumption of only 6W. Corvi Tube is completely rust proof and fluctuation proof giving you a quality experience with the lighting of your homes or office. It doesn’t stop here; you can use this light anywhere you want. Use it for homes, offices, bedrooms, washrooms, latrines, kitchens etc. With Corvi Tube, you are absolutely tension-free because it requires zero maintenance and works perfectly without having to take care of it. Additionally, this LED light is easy to install and is compatible with automation dimmers as well. Also, this LED light comes to you with an incomparable lifetime warranty.



Sleek and Stylish

Corvi Tube comes with an excellent and seamless design. With its sleek and stylish design, you just can’t stop looking at it.


Corvi Tube 1




Built-in Driver

It comes to you with a built-in driver allowing you to install it on your own. It is given for complete automation integration.

50 Years of Lifespan

This LED tube light can live longer than you and is there for you in every hard time of yours. Its 50-year long lifespan is a no joke and continues to work as stunning as new.

Corvi Tube - Features


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Rust Proof and Fluctuation Proof

Corvi Tube is absolutely rust proof and fluctuation proof. Never worry about that annoying rust to cover the light and hamper its performance. Corvi is designed by smart engineers to work even smarter.


Excellent Brightness

Corvi Tube gives an excellent 900 lumens of brightness and stunning bright light, all at a very low energy consumption of just 6W.

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Energy Savings


Energy Saving

Corvi Tube is designed keeping you in mind. This is why it comes to you with an energy consumption of 6W. You can save tonnes of energy with this feature of the tube light.

Use it Anywhere for Any Work

Corvi tube can be used in homes, offices, bedrooms, bathrooms, latrines, pantries, kitchens, balconies or anywhere you want them to be.

Office Use




Lifetime Warranty

Corvi Tube 1 900 lumens comes to you with an incomparable lifetime warranty which is really amazing.




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Additional information


  • Light output: 900 Lumens*
  • Watts: 6 Watts
  • Length: 250 mm
  • Power Factor >0.97
  • CRI > 80
  • IP - 54