Z-Wave Fibaro Flood Sensor Gen5

  • Unique, floating design
  • Detects flooding or fire
  • Battery or VDC powered
  • Communicates with a Z-Wave network or a wired alarm system
  • Features wireless software update.
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Fibaro Flood Sensor for All-Round Protection


With a futuristic and compact design, the Fibaro Flood Sensor packs a range of sensors that ensure your family safety. The flood sensor will help you detect any kind of water leakage, flood condition or any sudden temperature change and will quickly notify the user with its precise and advanced technology. The Flood Sensor comes with a built-in siren alarm that triggers in case the sensor is activated.

Apart from it, the flood sensor is also useful to detect fire conditions and thus works even for sudden changes in temperature. In such situation, it will communicate to the central controller and trigger and alarm as well as send the notification to the concerned user.

The Fibaro Flood sensor is designed to receive wireless updates ad also has got a built-in range tester.


Dual Temper Protection

Its built-in motion sensor will help you detect any kind of movement of the Flood Sensor so that you can ensure that it doesn’t move out of its desired place or out of range. Any attempt to temper and open the device will soon be reported to the main controller and to the user via a notification.

Also its built-in Tilt Sensor will swiftly detect movements above 15 degree and notify the user in that case.


Wherever Needed

In some of the critical or hard-to-reach places where it is difficult to install the Fibaro Flood Sensor, you can always connect a additional wired probe to detect the leak.

One end of the wired probe will be connected to the sensor as shown while the telescopic probe end with gold-plated pins will be placed at the place of detection.

Visual Color Display

Visual Color Display

The Fibaro Flood Sensor consist of a built-in illuminated LED light that shows the type of detection like whether it has detected some water, or a sudden rise/fall in temperature, or out of range of the Z-Wave network.

For each of the different applications above, the LED light will blink up in different color.

Difficult to Submerge

The Fibaro Flood sensor has a robust design to sustain any temperature within the range of -10 to +95 degree Celcius. It is capable of handling fast and well as slow floods.

Also the entire enclosure is waterproof and so it is difficult for the sensor to submerge and it will float over the water so that it keeps sending signal to the main controller.


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