Futuriztic Lazy Switch


  • Set timers
  • Control 4 devices
  • Multiple user access
  • Android and iOS app
  • Effortless installation
  • Schedule your devices
  • Completely Wi-Fi enabled
  • Put devices on Sleep mode
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Control devices and appliances from your smartphone
  • Made for Bungalows, buildings, Hospitals, factories, industries, Hotels and more






Futuriztic Lazy Switch



Futuriztic Lazy Switch




Futuriztic Lazy Switch is a smart device with which users can control 4 devices and appliances. It is completely Wi-Fi enabled and allows multiple users to access the device. Most amazingly, all of these features are available to you at an extremely low price and saves you big money on energy bills. It can track unnecessary usage and hard to trace power usage with the help of a convenient mobile application compatible with Android and iOS.


You can even schedule your lights to turn on or off at a particular time with Futuriztic. This lazy switch fits anywhere whether it be hotels, buildings, factories, industries, and farming sectors and many more. Futuriztic Lazy Switch is available to you with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.








Control 4 Devices

Lazy Switch allows you to control up to 4 devices each of 16A. Set timers, Vacation Mode, schedules for your devices.

Android and iOS app

Futuriztic Lazy Switch is compatible with both Android and iOS mobile phones.



Futuriztic Lazy Switch - App control





Futuriztic Lazy Switch - Suitability


Fits any Infrastructure

Lazy Switch is created and manufactured by smart engineers. You can use it to control devices and appliances in Bungalows, Buildings, Hospitals, Factories, Industries, Hotels, Farming sectors and more.

Multiple User Access

Allow multiple users to access the device and to be able to control your home appliances.



Multiple User Access




Futuriztic Lazy Switch - Schedules



Set Schedules

Set schedules and control when your devices have to turn on or off at a particular time.

Wi-Fi Enabled

Control your devices from your Home’s Wi-Fi network and get smarter. Connect Lazy Switch with your WiFi network and devices with it and control them right from your smartphone.






Control all appliances



For Multiple Devices

Control devices like water pumps, heaters, coolers, fans, AC, lights, switches and garden lights and more.

1-year Manufacturer Warranty

Futuriztic Lazy Switch is available to you with a 1-year standard manufacturer warranty.






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