Digilife Smart Touch Switch


Control all your favorite appliances with a single touch

  • Feather Touch
  • Safe & Child-friendly
  • Control from Anywhere
  • Schedule your appliances
  • Works with Alexa & Google Home Assistant
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Minimal and elegant design
  • Easy Installation
  • Digilife App






Digilife Smart Touch Switch

Make your home future-ready with the Digilife Smart Touch Switch







With the Digilife Smart Touch Switch, you can now control your favourite devices with a single touch. Available in multiple variants, Digilife’s smart switch has been designed to fit into existing modular switch plates, making installation a seamless experience. Highly touch sensitive, the Digilife Smart Touch Switch picks up your commands instantly and performs the desired action flawlessly.


Low voltage, child-friendly and heat and humidity proof, the Digilife Smart Touch Switch is not only a safe, but also an elegant and modern addition to your room. With its sleek and sophisticated design, this Smart Touch Switch amps up the appearance of any room; be it your home, a hotel, a hospital or even your office. Another unique feature of the Digilife Smart Switch is that it lets you create custom schedules on the Digilife App, giving you the flexibility to control your appliances in accordance with preempted instructions. Set your AC to automatically turn on when the room becomes hot, or get your lights to turn on automatically at a preset time in the evenings – Digilife’s Smart Touch Switch has got you covered!


Digilife’s Smart Touch Switch also comes integrated with Google Home and Amazon Alexa; enabling you to use voice commands to control all your electronic devices. You can also set up your Digilife Touch Switch to turn your smartphone into a universal remote control, allowing you control over your devices even when you are away from home.


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Digilife Touch Switches


Feather touch switches

The highly sensitive touch sensors installed in the Digilife Smart Touch Switch ensure instant, perfect responses to all your touch commands.

Control from anywhere

With the Digilife Smart Touch Switch, you now have the power of remote access at your fingertips. Forgot to turn the lights off on your way out? Too lazy to get up and switch the fan on? Simply use the Digilife app on your smartphone and get all this done without any hassles.




Digilife Touch Switch - Remote Control



Digilife Touch Switch - Elegant Design



Elegant design

Add a touch of royalty to your home with the Digilife’s Smart Touch switches. The modern and majestic design of these Smart Touch switches not only make your home smart but also upgrade the look of your walls, syncing perfectly with the decor of your room.

Safe, child-friendly

The Digilife Smart Touch Switches are low voltage, child-friendly switches that are safe to touch even with moist hands, ensuring the safety of your loved ones.


Continuous Recording



Digilife Touch Switch - Schedule



Your home, your schedule

Schedule your phone charger to turn off automatically or schedule a drop in ambient temperature as the night progresses; as the Smart Touch Switch lets you set schedules on individual appliances as easily as you set an alarm clock.


So smart that it can listen and act on your command

Digilife’s Smart Touch Switch comes integrated with Google Home and Amazon Alexa; giving you the convenience of controlling your appliances with voice commands.

Pert - Voice Control




Easy Installation

The Smart Touch Switch is very easy to install. Installation can be done within minutes, without requiring the services of a professional. Installation does not require any grooving or wiring and causes no damage to your wall as well.


1-Year Hardware Warranty

With the purchase of the Digilife Smart Touch Switch, you are offered a 1 year warranty that protects you against any manufacturing defects.