SmartNode Touch Switch


  • Humming Free Operations
  • Customize the device as per your appropriateness
  • The backlit feature will allow you to recognize the controls even in the dark
  • Manage your SmartNode Switch via mobile application or voice-enabled gadgets (Amazon Alexa or Google Home)
  • Adding a stunning touch switch by SmartNode will alter your dull walls’ whole look and deliver more than just a traditional switchboard
  • Add multiple devices to a SmartNode Touch Switch, which is capable of running a Bell Switch, LAN Cable Socket, Telephone Sockets and Various other electrical accessories all at once
  • The shockproof quality will help you operate the switches with wet hands as well
  • The virtue and loyalty of Legrand for the electrical assistants used
  • No need to worry about hazardous emissions
  • Handle up to 1 Lakh of touch operations
  • Swift Response Time





SmartNode Touch Switch





A Smart Home with conventional switches is good, but a smart home with smart switches is commendable! SmartNode Touch Switch not only looks elegant but also functions smart. How? When you use a smart switch, you can activate all the electrical appliances with one common medium, either through a mobile app or IR remote. 


Never worry about operating multiple switches and devices manually. After going through rigorous trials and checks to ensure longevity and excellent performance, it’s finalized that you will be comfortably able to manage the smart switches both remotely and manually. 



Touch Switch by SmartNode finishes off with a space black tempered acrylic touch. The premium quality does not fail to offer a vibrant impression that stands out in the entire ambiance. 


Visual status comes with a backlit indication that directs the action to be ultra-responsive with every touch. The arrangement is diverse for every module one wishes to pick. However, no matter any model you want to go with; it will serve as a tapestry to assist you in various home automation needs. 


It will help you with your day-to-day activities like lighting, regulating the fan’s speed, operating in and out slides of the curtains and blinds, doorbells, etc.; all at the convenience of a switch. The walls of your smart home need to look stylish if you plan to transform smart. The minimalist layout offered by SmartNode is sure to go with any aesthetic you have in mind for your smart home. 

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