Aeotec Nano Switch On/Off Controller



Wirelessly control, automate and schedule your home’s wall switches or power outlets


  • Extremely small – fits behind and switch board
  • Turn any switch or plug into a Z-Wave connected appliance
  • Compatible with all switch types (2-state, flip/flop, momentary push button and 3-way switch)
  • Z-Wave Plus certified
  • 1-year warranty
  • Available in legal Z-Wave IN frequency (865.2 MHz)

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Aeotec Nano Switch On/Off Controller 

For smooth lighting



Aeotec Nano Switch On/Off with power metering enables you to control the wall switches and power outlets of your home using Z-Wave gateways or hubs and apps. Let’s make your smart house smarter. Primary function being to control the switch On/Off it also, helps in monitoring the energy consumption and helps you cut down on your electricity consumption.

The future is smarter. So is your home. Nano Switch offers complete wireless control of your switches and sockets.


Aeotec Nano Switch - SmallerSmall Switch

With dimensions being 42.5x 40x 20 mm , Nano switch can be easily installed in the wall or behind the wiring box. It can connect to 2 external manual switch to control the load ON/OFF independently.

Works with existing switches

Aeotec Nano Switch On/Off works with any switch or socket. Now you need not change you home decor to make it smart.

Aeotec Switch - Total Control


Aeotec - Remote ControlEasy to control

Nano Switch can be controlled and scheduled easily through the Z-Wave network via a Z-Wave gateway and app.

Pocket friendly

The power metering accuracy helps you to keep track of energy consumption.

Aeotec Smart Switch Energy Monitoring
Z-Wave PlusMobile update

Nano Switch allows for firmware updates to be installed via Z-Wave Plus.



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Additional information



  • Frequency: 868.42 Mhz
  • Model number: ZW139
  • Power input: 230V 50Hz, Max: 10A
  • Repeater: Yes
  • Beaming: Yes
  • AES 128 Security: Yes
  • Max standby power: <0.8W.
  • Wiring: 3 wires.
  • Max load: 10A.
  • Operating temperature: 0℃ to 40℃
  • Relative humidity: 8% to 80%.
  • Dimensions: 42.5 x 40 x 20 mm (1.7 x 1.6 x 0.8 in).
  • Operating distance: Up to 150 meters outdoors.