Aeotec Smart Switch 6

  • Control any appliance wirelessly (ON/OFF)
  • Wireless operation
  • Built-in USB port for charging smartphones and tablets
  • Surge and overcurrent protection
  • Smart RGB LED indicator
  • Z-Wave Plus certified
  • Available in both variants (UK/Schuko)
  • Legal Z-Wave IN frequency (865.2 MHz)

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Aeotec Smart Switch 6 

Smart Sockets

Aeotec brings you  Smart Switch 6. It is a smart plug that lets you wirelessly control whatever is plugged into it. You can do that via remote control or a smartphone, or can even schedule or go old school and control it from the power outlet itself.

Monitor your Usage

Smart Switch 6 doesn’t just communicate how much energy is being used, it also reports back to your Z-Wave gateway. This gives you a clear picture which area at what time consumes maximum electricity.

Smart, Plug and play socket.

Aeotec designed the smart switch to work everywhere with any electronic device. It’s plug-and-play, which means it can be inserted to any wall socket and controlled easily by pressing the action button on the side.

Smart Plug, convenient plug

Switch was not only made smart but convenient as well. As in today’s world almost everything is USB connected and supported, Aeotec Switch 6 is crafted to cater to the same. It helps you charge your phones from side.


Track your energy consumption with colours.

To keep a track of how much energy is being consumed, Smart Switch uses Aeotec  LED ring. 16 million colours of lights are being used to visually communicate how much electricity is being used.

  • No Colour:  Smart Switch 6’s LED Ring can be configured to be permanently turned off.
  • 2 Colours: With the dual colour mode, the smart plug beautifully display when the device plugged is turned on or off.
  • 16 million colours: Aeotec LED ring is powered by 16 million lights. These lights will help us to cut down on the usage of electricity.

Wireless Control

Water Sensor 6 is so slim – it’s only 3.8cm wide and 2.4cm tall. That means Water Sensor 6 will fit and blend in wherever you need it, whether that’s in a hard to reach space or one where it can be seen.

Safety first

Turn your electronics off in the event of an emergency. Smart Switch 6 lets you automatically turns off devices, such as leaking air conditioners and fridges when they fail

Smart Automation

Our smart devices need not be in use all the time. Smart Switch 6 makes things extremely convenient. Now we can control it from anywhere. Automatically, switch it on or off, depending on your use

Protects your Devices

Smart Switch 6 protects your devices by having inbuilt surge protector and over-current protector.

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Smart Switch 6 – UK, Smart Switch 6 – Schuko




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