Pert Smart Lock



  • Smart design
  • Fits in any door
  • Control from Anywhere
  • Unlock door without keys
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Works with Pert products
  • Auto unlock and lock
  • Sends timely alerts
  • Easy Installation
  • Higher security
  • Voice Control

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Pert Smart Lock





Pert Smart Lock is a completely safe home security system that allows you to protect your family from intruders remotely and safeguards your home with its smart technology.

Forget about getting late to work and forgetting to hand over the keys to the babysitter or your maid when you have Pert smart lock. Grant keyless access to anyone using your phone from anywhere. Control this smart lock smartly with your voice with Amazon Alexa. This smart lock comes to you with the Auto unlock and lock feature which automatically locks the door when you leave and unlocks it the moment you arrive at the door.



Smart Design

With its intelligent and smart design, you can grant access with and without keys. It’s made in a way which allows both keyless entry and entry with keys. Thus, never worry about losing your keys.


Pert Smart Lock

Pert Motion Sensor - Home Security


Higher Security

Smart Lock is highly secure with its smart design and make. After undergoing Multiple Qualitative analysis, it promises complete security.

Auto Unlock and Lock

Pert’s Smart Lock automatically unlocks when you arrive at the door and locks the door immediately as you leave.


Pert Smart Lock - Auto Lock and Unlock



Pert - Voice Control


Control Smartly

Unlock the door without keys or smartphone and with your voice. Voice control your smart lock with Amazon Alexa like “Alexa, lock the door” and get started with your new smart home.

Sends Alerts

Pert automatically alerts you whenever someone is trying to break into your house. This allows you to take action before it’s too late.


Pert Smart Lock - Alerts



Pert Smart Lock - Fits Any Door


Fits any Door

The Pert smart lock fits any door seamlessly and takes less than a minute to install.

1-year Manufacturer Warranty

Pert Smart Lock is sold to you with a 1-year standard manufacturer warranty.








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  • Grants key-less access to people at your command.
  • Control and monitor your door from anywhere
  • Alerts you when someone is trying to break in.
  • Can be set to automatically locks when you leave your home.
  • Fits seamlessly in almost all existing door mechanisms and takes only minutes to install.