Philips Hue White Single Bulb



Experience high-quality white light that you can dim smoothly. Give a presence of being home even when you’re not by controlling lights from anywhere


  • Easy Installation
  • Advanced Geofencing Technology
  • Fits into your existing B22 / E27 sockets
  • Set light schedules for an ultimate convenience
  • Compatible with Philips Hue wireless dimmer (sold separately)
  • Smooth wireless dimming through the Philips wireless Dimmer

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Philips Hue White Single Bulb


Choose high quality lighting solutions with the Philips HUE White Single Bulb





Control the lights in your home in a smart way by connecting them with a HUE bridge and controlling them with your smartphone or tablet. A single app, easily downloaded through the Google Play Store, Windows Store or the Apple App Store lets you control all the lights in your house at the touch of a button. You are also provided with a 2-year manufacturer warranty for all Philips HUE products sold through the website.


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Philips HUE Bridge



Control your lights remotely

Simply connect the Philips HUE’s White Single Bulb with a Philips HUE Bridge and you do not have to worry about leaving the lights on anymore! The HUE Bridge lets you control the HUE lights in your home, no matter where you are in the world.

Advanced Geofencing Technology

Geofencing technology used in the Philips HUE products senses your arrival to and departure from your home and switches the lights in your home on/off accordingly; without you having to press a single button.



Philips HUE Single White Bulb - Geo fencing technology







Control the lights with a single app

Change the mood of the room by changing the light from bright to soothing glow in an instant by using a single app. You can also turn on/off the lights in your home with the help of the app.

Easy Installation

The Philips Hue White Bulb is very easy to install. Installation can be done within minutes, without requiring the services of a professional.





2-Year Hardware Warranty

With the purchase of the Philips HUE’s White Single Bulb; you are offered 2-Year limited hardware warranty that protects you against any manufacturing defects.

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