LIFX Nightvision A19+


  • IFTTT Integration
  • 950nm of Infrared Night vision
  • Choose between 16 million colors
  • Night Vision light for security cameras
  • Available for both A19 and BR30 bulb sizes
  • Compatible with Android, iOS and more
  • Security cam night vision booster
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty
  • 1100 lumens of brightness
  • Longer lifespan
  • Voice Control





LIFX Nightvision A19+





LIFX Nightvision A19+ is a smart light bulb that boosts or provides night vision light for your security cameras. You can also change the color of your lights and choose between 16 million colors to set the right mood.

With its 1100 lumens of excellent brightness and 950nm of infrared night vision, it can see crystal clear in pitch black in the night. You can smartly voice control this security cam using Alexa, HomeKit, IFTTT, or Microsoft Cortana. LIFX A19+ is dimmable in nature and does not require any hub, technical skills or additional hardware for it to function. You can this LIFX bulb from anywhere in the world or even from your workplace. Also, you do not have to worry about the setup because it is very easy to install and easily replaceable with your old bulb. You can simply get started with downloading the LIFX app on your Android or iOS phone.




LIFX Nightvision A19 - Voice Control


Voice Control

Simply ask Alexa, Google Assistant Microsoft Cortana or Apple HomeKit to switch on or off your lights or control their brightness and more. Integrate with IFTTT and set custom recipes for your light bulb.

Control from Anywhere

Control from anywhere the LIFX A19+ from your comfortable couch or workplace with the LIFX app.


LIFX Nightvision A19 - Remote Control


LIFX Nightvision A19 - Easy SetupEasy Set-up

To set up your new smart bulb, you will have to replace your old bulb with LIFX Nightvision A19+, download the free LIFX app, and get started. The LIFX app is available for all devices of the versions- Android 4.1+, iOS 9 + and Windows 10.


This LIFX bulb is available to you with 22.8 years of a longer life span.


LIFX - Features


Security Cameras

LIFX A19+ works with Arlo cam and Nest cam to extend night vision light. Be sure to check whether your camera supports LIFX Nightvision A19+.


LIFX A19+ comes to you with 1100 lumens of brightness and is equivalent to a 75W incandescent bulb with an energy usage of only 11W at full brightness.


LIFX Nightvision A19 - Brightness



LIFX Mini White - Set Right Mood



Fine tune your lights to set a perfect mood you want to create in your room.

2-year Manufacturer Warranty

LIFX Nightvision A19+ is available to you with a 2-year standard manufacturer warranty.






Additional information



  • Brightness:1100 Lumens
  • Wattage Use:11 Watts at full brightness
  • Wattage on Standby:<0.5W
  • Voltage Range:AC 100-240V 50/60 Hz
  • Color Temperature:2500K to 9000K.
  • Beam Angle:135 degrees
  • Dimming:Software dimming 1% - 100%
  • LED Life-span:22.8 years