Pert RGB Lighting



  • Adaptable
  • Easy mounting
  • 16 million colors to choose
  • Adjustable color temperatures
  • Create Ambient mood with Pert app
  • Integrate light-strip with Pert ecosystem
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Customized color animation
  • Set schedules and routines
  • Plug and play device
  • Control animation
  • Voice Control

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Pert RGB Lighting






Pert RGB Lighting comes to you with adjustable color temperatures and 16 million colors to choose from. Create a perfect ambiance for your rooms. The light-strip works with other devices can be integrated with Pert ecosystem.

Control this RGB lighting smartly with your voice using Amazon Alexa. Just ask Alexa to turn on or off lights. You can easily mount this light anywhere and anyhow. This Pert light is smarter than you and can detect invaders or strangers and give out different colored lights. With Pert, you can set the perfect mood for your lights, create routines for them, and be able to control the animation for your lights.




Set Moods

Create a unique atmosphere with this RGB LED strip and get the perfect ambiance to match your mood. Adjust animation settings like animation speed.


Pert RGB Lighting - Set Mood


Pert RGB Lighting - Routine


Create Routines

Create Routines for your lights and change as per your requirement. These lights trigger with time, location, movement of the door and motion detection.

Color Triggers

With Pert Smart Lock and a breach, RGB Lighting can detect invaders and give out different colored lights.

Pert RGB Lighting - Color Triggers


Pert RGB Lighting - Control Animation



Control Animation

Control animation speed, select fade or flash. You can now experience a new way of lighting your home with colored animation.

Control with Voice

Control your lighting with Alexa and use your voice to control your lighting and not your phone. Turn them off or on with Alexa.

Pert Lighting - Voice Control




1-year Manufacturer Warranty

Pert RGB Lighting is available to you with a 1-year standard manufacturer warranty.




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  • 16 million colors to choose from.
  • Adjustable color temperature with dimmable light.
  • Control your room’s ambient mood with pert app on your smart phone.
  • Trigger special lighting routines based on location, motion or door activity.
  • Flexible high quality PU material can be easily DIY to various shape and surface.
  • Plug and play product, just remove the adhesive tape on the back & paste it to wherever you like.
  • The long extension cord offers you a wide variety of options and no need to be right on top of an outlet.