Nanoleaf Add-on Module


  • Voice control
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Animated display of colors and lights
  • Convert your home into a dance floor
  • Remaster your music into colorful lights
  • Compatible with Android, iOS, HomeKit and more
  • Upgrade Nanoleaf Light panels into music visualizers
  • Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT





Nanoleaf Add-on Module




Nanoleaf Rhythm (Upgrade Module) is an add-on module that allows you to transform and upgrade your light panels into real-time music visualizers. Convert your home into a nightclub or a dancefloor and start to feel and visualize every music at home.

Get your regular Nanoleaf light panels to react to sound or music with the Rhythm Add-on Module. Experience a colorful display of lights and immerse in the music completely.







Nanoleaf Add-on Module - Light Panels


Upgrade Your Light Panels

You no more have to stick to the non-energetic regular light panels when you can upgrade them to reacting to the music and enticing you to dance to the music being played.

Animated Display of Colors and Lights

When your lights start reacting to music you can see a display of colorful lights filling the entire room.

Nanoleaf Add-on Module


Nanoleaf Add-on Module - AppControl with Voice

Voice control your lights with Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT.


It works with iOS 8 and higher, Android 5.01 and higher, HomeKit, Apple Home hub. Nanoleaf Upgrade module requires a Nanoleaf Light Panels Smarter Kit to function.




1-year Manufacturer Warranty

The Nanoleaf’s Add-on Module is available to you with a 1-year standard manufacturer warranty.




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Additional information



  • Brand:Nanoleaf
  • Part Number:NL28-20XXTW-ACC
  • Area Lighting Classification:Not Applicable
  • Height:9 Millimeters
  • Length:8 Centimeters
  • Width:8 Centimeters
  • Assembled Depth:100 Millimeters
  • Weight:40.8 Grams
  • Colour :White
  • Material:Plastic
  • Voltage:0.1 Volts
  • Batteries Included:No
  • Batteries Required:No
  • Wattage:0.1