Corvi Tube 15W


  • Dimmable Tube light
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Zero maintenance required
  • Super brightness 2250 lumens
  • Energy consumption of only 15W
  • Glare-free and non-straining experience
  • Compatible with automation dimmers
  • Rustproof and fluctuation proof
  • For homes and offices
  • 50 years of lifespan
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easy installation
  • Built-in driver
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Corvi Tube 15W






Corvi Tube 15W is a dimmable tube light with a superb brightness level of 2250 lumens and energy consumption of 15W. It has an unbelievable lifespan of 50 years and can still continue to work as good as new.

It has an extremely sleek and stylish design which you just can’t stop looking at. This dimmable tube light comes to you with unlimited or lifetime warranty. Corvi Tube 15W requires zero maintenance and doesn’t need anybody to look after it. The installation of the device is really simple because it comes to you with a built-in driver. Most amazingly, Corvi Tube 15W comes with a glare-free and non-straining technology to be comfortable for the eyes. This tube light can be used for any purpose and anywhere you want it to be. Use it for homes, offices, bedrooms, latrines, living room, etc. Also, it is compatible with automation dimmers.



Sleek and Stylish

Corvi Tube 15W comes with a highly sleek and stylish design, to make it look beautiful when it sits in your home.

Corvi Tube 15W


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Excellent Brightness

This tube light comes with an excellent brightness of 2250 lumens and with the least possible energy consumption of just 15W.

Rustproof and Fluctuation Proof

Corvi’s Tube 15W has got a rustproof and fluctuation proof body. This avoids the tube to get destroyed and lose its higher quality and performance.

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Longer Lifespan

With its wonderfully longer lifespan of 50 years, it is there for you in a hard time of yours. It can live longer than and is there with you in every moment of your life.

Zero Maintenance Required

Corvi Tube 15W requires zero maintenance or care and can work perfectly and independently without having to monitor it.



Continuous Recording


Glare-free and Non-Straining Technology

Corvi is designed by smart engineers to work even smarter. Its glare-free and non-straining experience allows you to enjoy the highly bright light without hurting your eyes and even comfortably.

Energy Consumption

With so many features and such high-quality brightness of 2250 lumens, it is bound that the energy consumption will be heavy. But it is totally untrue and absolutely contrary with Corvi. It can save you tonnes of energy even after giving such stunning brightness and energy consumption of only 15W.



Corvi Tube 15W


Lifetime Warranty

Corvi Tube 15W is available with an unmatched lifetime warranty. Anytime you have a problem Corvi is there for you, always.




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