Cubical Aura


  • Multiple smart sensors
  • Train up to 100 remote key actions
  • Senses gestures, temperature, and light
  • Supports ACs, TVs and music systems, etc.
  • Quick notifications and status indication
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Control your IR devices




Cubical Aura




Cubical Aura is a smart and sensor-packed device with which you control all your IR devices like ACs, TVs, and music systems and more. This smart device comes to you with multiple sensors such as Proximity, LDR and temperature sensor to sense gestures, light, humidity, and temperature respectively.

You can train up to 100 remote key actions for your Cubical Aura. This feature is also available for phones which don’t have IR. Track your notifications or statuses easily and quickly with an LED indicator. The temperature sensor can sense a temperature ranging from -55 to +55 Celsius.



Stay Awesome!

With Cubical’s Aura, you get a smarter and convenient home. You can easily start controlling all your IR devices with this smart device in your home. Control your TV, AC sound system or music system, etc. with a single remote.

Cubical Appliances - Control


Smarter remote


A Smarter Remote

You are not only able to control all your IR devices with one single remote, but Cubical Aura is more than an ordinary remote. You can train up to 100 key actions for this remote or device for your appliances.

Multiple Smart Sensors

Aura comes to you with multiple smart sensors to make your life even better and smarter. It can sense gestures, light, and temperature and help you to control your appliances with your gestures, adjust the AC or thermostat temperature and control the lighting smartly.

Cubical Motion Sensor


Cubical Aura


Get Notified: Quickly and Smartly

With its LED indicator you get notified smartly and quickly and can understand the current status of your device.

1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

Cubical Aura comes to you with a 1-year standard manufacturer warranty.






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