Zemote Smart Universal Remote



  • Channel search option
  • Switch TV channels easily
  • Control IR remote controlled devices & appliances
  • Control AC, TV, Home Theater, set-top box, and other IR Remote devices
  • Channel guide provided by major DTH companies
  • Use remote light as night light or mood light
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty





Zemote Smart Universal Remote





Zemote Smart Universal Remote is a remote that allows you to control your IR remote controlled appliances with your phone or with this remote.

Switch channels easily, control channel search options and more with this smart remote. You can also use the remote’s light as a night light or a torch to be able to see in the dark. Control multiple IR devices of your home like the TV, AC, Home Theatre, Set-top box and other devices to get started with an awesomely smart home. This smart remote comes to you with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.



Zemote smart universal remote




Control up to 10 appliances with this remote. IR controlled appliances like DVD, Home Theater, set-top box, TV, AC, projector, DTH can be controlled.


zemote smart unversal remote , control all appliances



Zemote Smart Universal Remote


Variety of Features

Zemote Smart Universal Remote comes to you with a variety of features for TV channel control keeping consumer satisfaction in mind.

  • You no more have to worry about wasting your time typing the channel number to watch. The channel search feature seems to solve this problem.
  • Set schedules to watch a channel when it’s time for your important show.
Get Smarter

Smart Universal Remote is compatible with TV brands and with all major DTH companies. You can control your AC’s temperature, adjust Home Theater volume, change TV channels or schedule TV shows and more with the Zemote Smart Universal Remote.

Zemote Smart Universal Remote - Control AC and all appliances



Energy Savings


Energy Usage

It requires an operating input voltage of 90 – 240 VAC. The night light requires an operating input of 2 Watts LED. It consumes a minimum broadband speed of 512 Kbps.

1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

Zemote’s Smart Universal Remote is available to you with a 1-year standard manufacturer warranty.






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Additional information



Technical Specifications:

  • Operating input voltage: 90 - 240 VAC
  • Supported Appliances: IR remote AC, TV, DTH, home theatre system, projector, DVD/blue ray player
  • Number of appliances that can be controlled: 10
  • Night lamp operating voltage: 2 Watts LED
  • Minimum broadband speed: 512 Kbps and above