Z-Wave Fibaro FGR-222 Roller Shutter 2



Roller Shutter 2 has been designed to give an ultimate control over all blinds, awnings, garage doors and gates – an upgraded version of the popular FGRM-222 sensor


  • Provides precise positioning and control over electric roller blinds, awnings and venetian blinds
  • Module can be controlled wirelessly through the Z-Wave network or the connected switch key
  • Supports five different types of motor system
  • Wireless control over any AC Motor
  • Monitors energy consumption
  • Automatic calibration
  • Easy DIY installation

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Z-Wave Fibaro FGR-222 Roller Shutter 2


Control Your Shades at Your Fingertips






Fibaro FGR-222 Roller Shutter 2 is designed to make your life much more simpler and convenient. This advanced controller is capable of providing precise positioning and control over electric roller blinds, awnings, venetian blinds lamellas and garage gates. Any device that is powered by an alternating current (AC), can be controlled by your new Roller Shutter 2.


If you’re looking for a controller with versatility of controlling devices, this product is then made for you. As with all Actors, it allows you to control the connected devices either via the Z-Wave network or via a switch connected directly to it. The extremely small dimensions and limit switch calibration makes it the most advanced device of its kind available in the market.


In addition, this evolved version of the popular FGRM-222, features the power metering functionality. Its executive elements are electromagnetic and micro-gap relay switch. It is compatible with momentary, toddle and dedicated roller blind switches.


The compact module with dimensions of 37mm x 42mm x 17mm of your new Fibaro FGR-222 Roller Shutter 2 makes it easy to fit into a controlled devices of controller’s housing. The installation process for it simple and can be done without the help a professional.


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Z-Wave Fibaro FGR-222 Roller Shutter 2



Full Compatibility

Don’t let the small size of this Roller Shutter 2 fool you.This is the best product of its kind in the market. The Shutter 2 will allow you to precise positioning of an electric roller blind, and in case venetian blind, precise positioning of slats. Precise positioning is possible in connection with motors equipped with electronic and mechanic limit switches. With Shutter 2, you will no longer be limited to choose a gate or roller blind of any specific kind.

Perfect Calibration

Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 controller requires a calibration to work with any given motor. Implemented limit switches calibration mechanism allows for very accurate definition of a roller blind position in relation to limit switches, or a venetian blind slats position. The calibration helps the Fibaro system to know how precisely the blinds are to be positioned or whether venetian blinds are opened or closed. This prevents the system from inaccurate interpretation of closed and open status.




Z-Wave Fibaro FGR-222 Roller Shutter 2







Z-Wave Fibaro FGR-222 Roller Shutter 2




Five Advanced Individual Operating Mode

These five individual operating modes are designed to ensure the proper functioning of your electrical garage gate, roller blind, awning and venetian blind. This will allow for the proper configuration and correct operation of your device through a dedicated virtual manipulator and displayed interface icon.

Advanced Alarm System

Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 uses Protection Command Class v2 to avoid any unwanted electric motor movement. Once Local Protection gets activated, the module stops responding to wall switches. This will protect you from restraining any burglar to break in and take your belongings.

Your Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 is capable of responding to fire, burglar, flood and general alarm; through which the System will perform a certain activities when it detects specific threats. It will open the blinds and gates to ensure a safe escape route after fire has been discovered. If it detects motion inside or outside, it will activate the Protection mode and close the roller blinds, cut off the wall switches.




Z-Wave Fibaro FGR-222 Roller Shutter 2






Dual operation



Dual Operation

Shutter 2 will allow you to control your awnings, roller blinds, garage gate and even Venetian blinds; just through a few steps from your office or halfway across the world. You can have a full control over all that through a smartphone or tablet application. You can also locally use the wall mounted switches.

Guarded Garage Exit

Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 lets you pause function while you it to control your garage gate. You can use the pause function for allowing the garage gate to close automatically after a predefined time period. You don’t have to get out of your car to shut the garage gates, the system will do it for you; thus protecting it from an unwanted visitor. You can connect your Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 to an IR barrier; in order to prevent the gate from closing before you drive away. The included emergency stop button will allow for preventing the gate from closing in case of threatening damage.




Z-Wave Fibaro FGR-222 Roller Shutter 2






Monitor energy consumption



Manage Your Energy Consumption

Its built-in power metering functionality is designed to monitor your energy usage. Using this feature, Home Center 2 control panel will give you a detailed data on your energy usage; which will let you estimate your next electricity bill.

Easy Installation

You can easily install your Z-Wave Fibaro FGR-222 Roller Shutter 2 by following this page.




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