Fibaro Home Center 2



Get the power to control all the Z-Wave devices with just a few clicks


  • Intelligent Notification status to let you stay connected all the time
  • High-speed operation with Ultra low-energy consumption
  • Simple, friendly user interface with easy configuration
  • Control devices remotely through Smartphone or PC
  • Broadband (DSL and Cable) & Ethernet connections
  • Choose from two classic colours – Black & White
  • Advanced backup and recovery system
  • Geo localization and SMS notification

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Fibaro Home Center 2







The Fibaro Home Center 2 is the brain of the Fibaro ecosystem that gives you the power to control Z-Wave devices in your home with a single click. It’s the most popular Z-Wave home automation controller in the market, and undoubtedly the best controller you can buy, if you want to build a powerful Z-Wave network in your home.


You will be able to control your house with a wide range of native apps, voice control by Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri and Messenger. Home Center 2 smoothly integrates with a broad range of multimedia systems and has a vast library of drivers for smart TV’s, IP camera, and other 3rd party devices.


The user friendly interface of the Fibaro HC2 makes the operations easy and efficient, while features like smart backup, status notifications and geo-localization make it powerful, sturdy and a reliable Z-Wave home automation controller. Fibaro HC2 can control up to 255 Z-wave devices in your home, and operates on legal Indian Z-Wave frequency (865.2 MHz). It also comes with standard one year manufacturer guarantee/warranty.


Click here to learn how to set up Fibaro Home Center 2 on your own.





Fibaro Home Center 2 - Fastest Gateway



Fastest Home Gateway

Experience the power of the fastest Home Gateway on the world with the Fibaro Home Center 2. With Intel Atom processor, the Fibaro Home Center 2 delivers lightning fast speed and unparalleled performance.

Smart Backup and Recovery

Each unit of the Fibaro Home Center 2 has its own Recovery disk that automatically backs up the system periodically. Preventing authorized access; the individual Recovery disks restore the system to the previously known good state, in case of a system failure.


Backup and Safety




Easy to use



Easy to Use

The easy to navigate, user friendly interface of the Fibaro Home Center 2 gives you easy control over all devices connected to and controlled by the Home Center 2. Switch devices On/Off, schedule operations and do so much more with the fastest gateway in the world.

Customise operations based on scenarios

You can decide the scenarios in which different operations need to be performed, with the Fibaro’s Home Center 2. For instance, you may create a scenario wherein the system closes all the windows and halts the operation of the garden sprinklers, each time it rains,



Fibaro Home Center 2








Ensure the safety of your loved ones by tracking their whereabouts, without having to call them frequently. Simply sync their phones with the Home Center 2 and the device locates them in minutes.

Exclusive Aluminium Casing

The Fibaro HC2 is encased in an elegant aluminium casing that not only makes it aesthetically appealing; but also protects the system from wear and tear as well as outside damage.



Fibaro Home Center 2




Intelligent notifications



Intelligent Status Notifications

The Fibaro’s Home Center 2 informs you each time a user makes any changes to the system, by sending an SMS to the registered phone number; preventing any unauthorized tampering with the system.

Easy Installation

The Fibaro’s Home Center 2 can be easily installed and connected to devices in your home. The system can be installed by a professional or you can perform the installation yourself by following these instructions.






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