YI Home Camera 720p



  • Auto-Cruise
  • HD Infrared Night vision
  • 720 pixels and HD videos
  • 10 seconds Motion Tracker
  • Wireless IP Indoor security system
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Remote Monitor with iOS
  • Secure Cloud Service

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YI Home Camera 720p





YI Home Camera 720p is an excellent Indoor security surveillance system. It provides high-end security to your family with an easy-to-use interface and crystal clear and HD videos of 720p. It provides you with an extremely secure cloud service that protects all your videos and allows you to directly view them from the cloud.

YI’s Home Camera encrypts all your videos before you upload them to the cloud. This helps in preventing critical data being lost or tampered with. The most essential feature of YI Home Camera is that it keeps updating the encryption key to ensure the highest level of data protection.


 YI Home Camera - Night Vision


Advanced Night Vision

This camera comes with an amazing advanced night vision feature with 8 built-in 940nm Infrared LED beads which extends the viewing distance up to 3 meters in total darkness with no light pollution.

Sensitive Motion Detection

Home Camera comes with a smart 10 seconds motion tracker which contains sensitive motion detection and sends you real-time motion alerts on your phone.

It is your personal around-the clock security guard. You’ll get accurate detection using our advanced motion detection algorithms. You can also customize time frames for Activity Alert notifications, which are automatically sent to app.


Yi Camera - Motion Detection




Advanced Microphone

YI Home Camera is available with a smart technology which brings to you a responsive and advanced microphone. It even comes with a built-in anti-noise filter for a clear and smooth 2-way Audio experience.

The Intercom facility enables one party to talk and listen at the same time. The Hands-free mode enables both parties to talk and listen freely for maximum flexibility.

Compatible with Alexa

Every YI security camera is officially Alexa compatible and works with any screen-based Alexa device. You can use the Alexa Skill to view your camera live feed with a simple voice command.


YI Home Camera - Alexa Compatible


YI Home Camera - App

Simple User Interface

You can easily customize all your settings for the YI Home Camera with the user-friendly and intuitive app. All your security settings- Auto-Cruise, activity alerts, motion detection, etc. all in one simple interface. It is available for both Android and iOS.

Also supports a large number of devices with the same app or account to connect for maximum convenience.

1-year Manufacturer Warranty

YI Home Camera 720p is available to you with a one-year standard manufacturer warranty.




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Additional information



    • Lens Material: All-glass lens
    • Viewing Angle:
        • Horizontal viewing angle: 92.7°
        • Vertical Viewing Angle: 48.7°
        • Diagonal viewing angle: 111.2°
    • Body size: 54mm
    • Video frame rate: 20fps (1280*720)
    • Local storage: 8-32G Micro SD card
    • Stream: Adaptive stream support
    • Voice: Voice intercom support
    • Infrared light: 8 lamps /940nm
    • Night vision range: 5 meters
    • Supported protocols: IPV4,UDP,TCP, HTTP,DHCP,P2P
    • Wireless standard: IEEE802.11b/g/n
    • Supported Operating Systems: Android 4.0 and above / iOS7 and above