How to install Yale Real Living TouchScreen Deadbolt?

Yale TouchScreen Deadbolt

Home automation plays a vital role when it comes in ensuring the safety of your house. In addition to triggering of various motion sensors or door/window sensors, Home Automation can be further extended to easy locking/unlocking of your door units.

One of the most challenging tasks for the working people today is managing the keys for their main-door locks. Moreover, hiding keys at some of the secret locations (which only you and your family members know) across your home is never a safe idea. Also, if you have a surprise visit of any of your friends/relatives when you are away, keeping them waiting for you at the door becomes embarrassing.

Yale- one of the renowned lock making companies, has arrived with its feature rich smart locks that allows the users to lock/unlock with specific code settings on its Touch screen. Also, the locks come with some very additional facility of built-in ZigBee modules which can be integrated with third party devices like Samsung SmartThings [Read: How to Integrate Yale Real Living TouchScreen Deadbolt with SmartThings?] and thus you can operate the locks sitting at remote locations just from your smartphones. Also, in case if someone is trying to misuse your lock or perform any unwanted activity, you will immediately get notified on your smartphone.

So before we begin with understanding the features of Yale TouchScreen Deadbolt, let us go through the basic installation process of the lock with some of the video tutorials. Here are few quick simple steps for how to install Yale Real Living Touchscreen Deadbolt.

How to install the Yale Real Living TouchScreen Deadbolt on your door

Once you are done with the process and have ensured the proper fitting to your lock, insert the Wireless Network Module within it.

How to inset the Wireless Network Module

Once that your are done with inserting the Module in the right way and connecting the batteries, ensure that the lock is in proper working condition by activating it.

Activating your Yale Real Living TouchScreen Deadbolt

Once you are done with the proper installation and activation of the lock, you now need to explore various features that the Yale Lock has to offer to you. [Read: Features of the Yale Real Living TouchScreen Deadbolt]