Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Chime


Chime works with Ring Video Doorbell and lets you know about each visitor at your doorstep by simply being plugged in a power outlet.


  • Wi-Fi connection with Ring Video Doorbell
  • Set up as many chimes with the Ring Video Doorbell to stay alerted
  • It can be configured to notify you when someone presses the Ring Video Doorbell button or when the doorbell detects motion
  • Free Ring App for iPhone, iPad, Mac Desktop, Android, and Windows 10
  • Easy Plug & Play setup
  • Do Not Disturb mode







Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Chime


With Chime, never miss a ding





Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Chime is a wireless notification device which will help you connect to all your Ring devices and let you know if there is a visitor even when your phone is in another room. Ring’s Wi-Fi Enabled Chime will alert you with the preset tone, right when someone rings your doorbell. Chime can also be configured to notify you when your Ring doorbell detects motion. You can pair as many chime units to your Ring video doorbell to never miss an alert.


This white, high gloss finished, Wi-Fi enabled Chime by Ring is super easy to install and only needs a few minutes to set up. To install your Chime you just need to simply plug it into your wall socket and connect it with your Ring application to start getting notifications. Your Chime comes with a 1-year of warranty which protects it from any manufacturing default.


Try out the Ring Chime Pro EU.




Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Chime


Chime lets you never miss an alert

Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Chime is designed to make your life more pleasant by supporting you to connect your Ring doorbell with as many Chimes you want, to get notified whenever you have a visitor, even when you do not have an access to your phone.

Snooze Chime

Its Do Not Disturb feature lets you disable chime at times you want peace and quiet.




Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Chime






Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Chime



Control Chime’s Volume

You can set a custom volume for Chime through the Ring application to make sure that your Chime is never too quiet or too loud.

Easy Plug-and-Play Setup

Ring Chime can be easily installed by just being plugged into a standard socket and synced to the Ring app. Chime is compatible with iOS, Android, Mac and Windows 10 devices. For more information, please refer this Manual.




Plug and Play setup










Ring’s Wi-Fi Enabled Chime comes with 1-year of warranty which protects it from any manufacturing defects.

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