Scopo Wireless Touch Switch Panel (Wi-Fi)



  • Smooth one-touch ON/OFF operation
  • Standalone device (No controller required)
  • Wirelessly syncs with your Wi-Fi router
  • Retrofit Installation
  • Shock-proof, with water tolerance
  • Customizable panel
  • Control from your Android smartphone


                        Scopo Wireless Touch Switch Panel

Control Your Devices at Your Fingertips

Scopo Wireless Touch Switch Panel is an innovative home automation switch panel that lets you control all the electrical appliances in your home from your smartphone. It has been modernly designed to elegantly match your room interiors. It can be easily installed inside the existing panels of your home and the best part is that it requires absolutely no internal wiring. Touchit is also easy to maintain and clean, as it accumulates no dust and bacteria from the surroundings.
Scopo Wireless Touch Switch Panel

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Technical details

  • Input voltage: 250 VAC
  • Input Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Current Limits: 1A max.
  • Operating voltage: 0 to 50 ℃
  • Power consumption: 0.5 watts
How to Install Scopo Wireless Switch