Flex FXD-5011

  • 1 dimmer touch switch
  • Maximum power- 2A
  • J-box 4×2
  • Z-Wave Plus Certified
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FXD-5011 is a device with which you can control one light channel of your house and be able to dim it.


The maximum power load it can handle is 2A and this product is Z-Wave Plus certified.

Single Channel

This device can be used only to dim one single light channel of your house.

Maximum Load

The maximum load it can handle on the channel is 2A.

Z-Wave Plus Certification

This smart device is Z-Wave Plus Certified which means you get constant firmware updates to let you stay updated with the latest key features of the product.


FXD-5011 is available to you with a 1-year warranty.

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  • 1 dimmer touch switch
  • Maximum power- 2A
  • J-box 4x2
  • Z-Wave Plus Certified