iSmartAlarm Home Security [Preferred Package]

  • iPhone and Android smartphone enabled
  • Free phone alerts, text message alerts, push notifications and Email alerts
  • No monthly fees, no contracts required
  • Do-it-yourself (DIY), Self-monitored and self-controlled product
  • Open to future home automation features
  • Almost unlimited expandability
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iSmartAlarm – A Smarter Home Security Solution for Safer Homes

The iSmartAlarm Home Security adds more intelligence and offers a better solution to your home security by self-monitoring, motion and intrusion detection, and convenience of wireless and remote operation through the smartphone via the dedicated iSmartAlarm app for Android and iOS devices.

In addition to triggering loud alarms in case of thefts and emergencies, the iSmartAlarm notifies users of any suspicious activities through SMS, push notifications or via e-mails. The users thus can take the necessary corrective action at the right time and safeguard their home valuables.

Download the User Manual here.

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iSmartAlarm Home Security INTEGRATED SYSTEM

Integrated Home Security System

Setup your home monitoring by using the integrated solutions of the iSmartAlarm Home Security Preferred Package and track all the action taking place in and around your home premises in real-time.

Control Devices Wirelessly with CubeOne

The CubeOne is the heart of the iSmartAlarm system. It connects all the sensor and devices in its network and will raise a 110 dB loud alarm in case of thefts or emergency.

control iSmartAlarm Home Security with cubeone
iSmartAlarm track suspicious activity

Monitor Suspicious Activity

The iSmartAlarm motion sensor detects any unwanted presence and movements in restricted areas. It then quickly alerts the user of such incidences by sending instant notifications.

Intelligent Intrusion Detection

The iSmartAlarm contact sensor helps you to detect the opening and closing of doors or windows in case any intruder breaks in and will instantly send notifications.

iSmartAlarm intrusion detection
iSmartAlarm Home Security wireless control

Wireless Control at Your Fingertips

The iSmartAlarm Remote Tag is a simple four-button wireless controller that lets you operate some basic functions like arm, disarm, etc. from any corner of your home within a range of 30 meters.

Smart App for iOS & Android

With the dedicated smartphone app available for iOS and Android devices, you can control your iSmartAlarm Home Security, monitor the status from remote locations and even receive instant notifications during any emergency situation.

iSmartAlarm Home Security app

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  • Controller: CubeOne™ (Model: iPU3)
  • Two Contact Sensors: DWS3
  • Motion Sensor: PIR3
  • Two Remote Tags: RC3
  • iSmartAlarm window stickers